What's Your Number - Anna Faris and Chris Evans
Ally Darling (Anna Faris) can’t believe where her quest to find the best ex of her life has taken her and her friend Colin Shea (Chris Evans) © 2011 Twentieth Century Fox

Anna Faris has starred in some of the most popular comedies of the past few years, including the Scary Movie franchise, Mama’s Boy, The House Bunny and Observe and Report. Chris Evans is primarily known for his roles as superheroes, starring in The Fantastic Four and most recently the blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger.

Together they star in the new movie What’s Your Number? Faris portrays Ally Darling who is on a quest to find the best ‘ex’ of her life, when she reads a magazine article warning that people who have had 20 or more relationships have missed their chance at love.

Evans plays Colin, her new neighbor, a playboy who is more than happy to assist her in finding her true love.

How did this project come to you?

Ally Darling (Anna Faris) has a coiffure malfunction as she searches for the best “ex” of her life © 2011 Twentieth Century Fox

Anna: I was attached to it quite a while. The writers and other producers came to me and we brought it to New Regency and they were really excited so that’s how it worked for me.

Chris: I had a pretty standard audition process; got the script, read it, loved it, knew the people involved and just went to pursue it. I went and auditioned and had two or three rounds of just reading with people and got lucky.

Anna: WE got lucky.

What was it about this comedy script that really gelled with you?

Anna: I loved how it felt so sharp. I loved playing characters are a bit of a mess. I think for the last decade we’ve seen a lot of women in film that are not that. That are trying to juggle it all in an organized way. I was really excited to play someone who’s lost, unemployed, who drinks a lot, she sleeps around – that was exciting to me. Those scripts don’t come around very often.

Colin Shea (Chris Evans) helps a woman find the best ex of her life © 2011 Twentieth Century Fox

Chris: For me, a lot of times when you read those scripts you don’t know who is going to be in the film. I knew it was going to Anna. Every page, I’m picturing Anna doing it. It is a character that is a mess and Anna’s really good at being a mess.

I knew Anna was going to destroy this. She’s so funny. I laughed out loud at least six or seven times when reading the script. If that happens, that’s a good sign.

We see you both undressed a lot in this movie. Is that something you’re comfortable with or was it awkward at all?

Anna: I don’t know about Chris, but I love showing my ass.

Chris: The first time I read it, I was like ‘Yeah, there is a lot of skin, but it’s funny.’ It didn’t ever really feel gratuitous. It felt like it was all serving a pretty humorous purpose.

Chris, were you looking for this type of role as a different one for you to do?

Chris: I love doing comedies and I feel like I hadn’t done one in a little while. I did Scott Pilgrim but I was in and out in like four days. That was so out there. Any film you do, you can’t help but take a little bit home with you.

If you’re doing something really heavy and dramatic, you’re gonna go home exhausted and spent. If you do comedies like this, you go home cracking jokes. It feels like summer camp. I’m always looking to do a movie like this.

Do you think this movie will remind people that you are more than a superhero as Captain America?

Chris: (he laughs) He also takes his clothes off! I don’t know. I hope so because I think a good thing about film as opposed to TV is you get variety so you get to flex a lot of different acting muscles. It’s fun to play a certain character and put on a blue suit and toss a shield around, and it’s fun to go and crack some jokes and get naked.

Has either one of you looked up an ex on the net? If so, how far did you go?

Chris: I’ve done my share, but Facebook makes all that real easy.

So they never knew you were looking for them?

Ally Darling (Anna Faris) and Colin Shea (Chris Evans) discover the shocking secret about one of her exes © 2011 Twentieth Century Fox

Chris: On no. I succeeded and made contact and now we’re good friends.

Anna: I had my college ex-boyfriend’s class schedule memorized. So I would ‘accidentally’ bump into him all the time. He tried to reach out to me six months ago so I feel like I came out on top.

Anna, this was the first movie you and your husband (Chris Pratt) did together as a married couple. Was it a different dynamic?

Anna: Yeah, it was terrifying actually because I think I’m more concerned about his opinion of my acting than anybody else and he is really particular, so it was really scary but great and I was really honored that he was able to do it. He plays Disgusting Donald who is the instigator for my character’s whole journey.

I did not cast his fiancé. She was way too hot for my liking!

Ally finds a moment when she has to have the strength to really be herself. Have either of you had that moment in Hollywood where, as an actor, you are being pushed in certain directions?

Chris: I’ve never had to compromise who I am, meaning shift the way I present the person I am. Maybe there are things I might not want to do. You’re great but this (press interview) might not be where I wanna be on my Saturday. You’ve gotta jump through those hoops at times, but I don’t think that’s a compromise of your integrity so that’s a no.

Anna: In every career you are balancing how you negotiate tricky waters but I think that’s been something nice that comedy has been able to give me; the ability to laugh at myself and, hopefully, not take this whole Hollywood world too seriously.

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