The Adventures of Tintin - Jamie Bell and Andy Serkis
Tintin (Jamie Bell) and Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis) © 2011 Paramount Pictures

The Adventure of Tintin official opens in Europe at the end of the week. The stars and crew have been doing the rounds of premieres with Belgium, the home of Tintin’s creator Hergé, being the first.

The studio has released a second trailer which this time shows much more of the motion tracking characters. It is a combination of actors and CGI which gives a slightly eerie effect that we have seen before in The Polar Express. That was back in 2004 and things moved up a step with the developments made by Peter Jackson’s effect company.

The Adventures of Tintin - Peter Jackson
Snowy with Peter Jackson playing Captain Haddock in the test footage © 2011 Paramount Pictures

The second video is a featurette with shows behind the scenes how the film was developed. It starts with Steven Spielberg explaining his love for the books after he heard references to Tintin in a review one of his films some years ago.

He is joined by Peter Jackson with a fascinating, and must see, clip of some experimental footage of snowy with Peter himself taking the role of Captain Haddock! Andy Serkis and Daniel Craig also feature. The feature is rounded off with clips from the latest trailer and glimpses behind the scenes.

I can’t wait to see how the film pans out…

The original post with the first trailer, now with release dates updated, can be found by clicking here.

Trailer 2
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