Titanic (JFellows 2012) - Maria Doyle Kennedy and Toby Jones
Titanic (JFellows 2012) 1.01 - Muriel Batley (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and John Batley (Toby Jones) © 2012 ITV / Lookout Point, Photo by Laurence Cendrowicz/ Courtesy of ABC

Those of us who have already seen Titanic (2012 tv) know you need to see part 2 before starting to judge this Julian Fellowes television epic.

One thing that you should realise is that in each episode we see different aspects of the Titanic and the passengers as we build up to the enviable iceberg for each part. This was quite confusing for UK viewers where each part has been shown one a week and the pattern was not clear from the first episode.

Titanic (2012 tv) – Official Information

On Night One, Part One (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET), we meet First Class passengers Hugh, Earl of Manton (Linus Roache, “Law & Order”), his imperious wife, Louisa (Geraldine Somerville, the “Harry Potter” films), and their reluctant daughter, Georgianna (Perdita Weeks, “The Tudors”) — a suffragette who’s recently been arrested in a demonstration. Also on board, in Second Class, are Irish lawyer John Batley, who works for Hugh, and his wife Muriel (Maria Doyle Kennedy, “Downton Abbey”).

The Mantons’ servants, Barnes and Watson, have a brush with their American counterparts, while Georgiana is attracted, despite herself, to young American Harry Widener. Life on board is comfortable for the wealthy British and American passengers in First Class, despite a disastrous tea party with the Mantons and the Batleys which highlights the tensions between Louisa and Muriel. But everything changes after the ship encounters an iceberg and the realization dawns that the unsinkable Titanic is going down.

Infuriated by Louisa’s air of effortless superiority, Muriel launches a violent verbal attack on her, hinting at a dark secret in Hugh’s past. Chaos and panic grow on deck, as Officer Lightoller insists on women and children only and lifeboats go down that are not even full. And Louisa finds herself faced with an impossible dilemma, as she has to choose between her husband and her daughter.

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US airdate date April 14, 2012
UK airdate March 25, 2012