Titanic (JFellows 2012) - Engine room
Part 2 - Engine room flooding © 2012 ITV / Lookout Point

This is the part where the Julian Fellowes plotting and look at the characters on board all starts to make sense.

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Part Two (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) opens with political tensions in Belfast interfering with the construction of new liner Titanic, but White Star Line chairman Bruce Ismay is dismissive of designer Thomas Andrews’ concerns.

Catholic engineer Jim Maloney longs to leave Belfast, and when offered the opportunity of a new life via the Titanic, he accepts. As cabin steward Annie Desmond prepares for the first passengers to board, she encounters cheeky Italian waiter Paolo Sandrini, who is instantly smitten with her.

Jim meets a mysterious steerage passenger, Peter Lubov, who unsettles Jim’s wife, Mary, while in the First Class dining room tensions bubble as new and old money collide. In Second Class, Muriel Batley bitterly resents her husband John’s subservience and reveals she knows the secret of Hugh Manton, a secret that threatens to destroy his marriage. But John’s worries are over-shadowed by a looming iceberg.

Captain Smith and Thomas Andrews are horrified to learn the full cost of the collision. The ship has only a couple of hours to live. Chaos erupts in the rush for lifeboats, but there are just too few. Facing death, John and Muriel reconcile, but then John spies a glimmer of hope.

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US airdate date April 14, 2012
UK airdate April 1, 2012

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