Titanic (JFellows 2012) 1.03 - Antonio Magro
Titanic (JFellows 2012) 1.03 - Mario Sandrini (Antonio Magro) locker in with the Italian waiters © 2012 ITV / Lookout Point, Photo by Laurence Cendrowicz/ Courtesy of ABC

In the television Titanic Part 3 we get to learn more about the background to the characters in this part before the inevitable sinking happens with the last part.

Titanic Part 3 Official Information


Part Three (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) begins in London, 1911. Winston Churchill is infuriated when Russian anarchist Peter the Painter escapes after a bloody street battle with the army.

Cut to April 1912 and Italian ship stoker Mario, who is thrilled when he connives to get his brother, Paolo, a job on the new liner Titanic. The squabbling Mantons’ maid, Watson, is seen inexplicably loitering in steerage, and Barnes is shocked to discover the reasons why, while Paolo startles kindly steward Annie with an impulsive gesture.

Mysterious passenger

Mary Maloney finally lets her guard down with the mysterious passenger, Lubov, in a manner that enrages her husband, Jim. Their argument is set aside when the ship strikes the iceberg and word spreads that it’s sinking. White Star Line chairman Bruce Ismay is concerned that the anxious Italian waiters will contribute to the rising panic, and fear builds in steerage as passengers and crew find themselves behind locked gates.

Lubov helps Mary Maloney, the Irish mother, and her children escape to the decks, but when his secret identity is uncovered by ex-policeman Evans, Lubov reacts ruthlessly.

Scramble for lifeboats

Passengers scramble for lifeboats, but the Maloneys’ terrified daughter, Theresa, bolts back inside the sinking ship. Paolo searches for his brother as freezing waters surge through the corridors.

The initial celebratory mood on the boat is intercut with a closer look at relationships — upstairs and down. Throughout the ship, secrets and resentments are revealed, love and fury are sparked, but when the unthinkable happens and one of the biggest maritime disasters levels the playing the field for everyone on board, each person’s life will change.


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US airdate date April 14, 2012
UK airdate April 8, 2012