Lockout - Guy Pearce
Unjustly accused CIA agent Snow (Guy Pearce) is recruited to rescue the president's daughter from a futuristic orbiting prison © 2012 Filmdistrict

Luc Besson produces this first futuristic thriller directed by James Mather and Stephen St Leger, two Irish filmmakers whose sci-fi short Prey Alone was an internet sensation bringing the directors acclaim for their mastery of green screen techniques.

Well this has plenty of green screen work but it is the comedic script that really makes it work. See our review for more information on that.

Official Information

MS One is an experimental prison in space where the 500 most dangerous criminals on planet Earth are kept in an artificial sleep.

Leading a humanitarian mission, the daughter of the US president, Emilie Warnock (Maggie Grace) arrives on board the station, just as an unprecedentedly violent mutiny breaks out. Emilie and the crew of MS One are taken hostage by the inmates.

President Warnock decides to send Agent Snow (Guy Pearce) to MS One with the sole mission of saving Emilie and nobody else…

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US and Canada release date April 13, 2012
UK release date April 20, 2012
Australia release date July 12, 2012

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