Titanic (JFellows 2012), 1.04 - Steven Waddington, David Calder and Will Keen
Part 4 - 2nd Officer Charles Lightoller (Steven Waddington), Captain Smith (David Calder) and Chief Officer Wilde (Will Keen) © 2012 ITV / Lookout Point

We get the final part of this mini series and it will be interesting to see how writer Julian (Downton Abbey) Fellowes wraps up the stories of all the characters we have met along the way.

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The show’s final hour opens on Sunday April, 15th 1912. Mrs Widener’s party is in high spirits in Gatti’s Restaurant, while below decks Paolo makes a meaningful introduction, and the Maloneys dream of their new life in America, where they hope they will have more opportunity as a Catholic family.

On the bridge the crew spots the iceberg and takes evasive action, but too late to prevent a collision. Panic takes hold and lifeboats are lowered less than full, to the great frustration of Hugh, Earl of Manton. The Earl’s beautiful daughter, Georgiana, and her new beau, Harry Widener, have a few precious moments together before separation.

The Mantons’ servant, Barnes, rescues colleague Watson and gives her a parting gift he hopes will change her life. Hugh’s wife, Louisa, makes him a promise that shocks him.

Charismatic waiter Paolo searches for his brother and the other Italians on the crew, and begs the mystery passenger Lubov for help. Jim Maloney’s daughter, Theresa, runs away from the lifeboats in fear, and her father is determined to reunite with her.

Throughout the ship, secrets and resentments are revealed, love and fury are sparked, but when the unthinkable happens and one of the biggest maritime disasters levels the playing the field for everyone on board, each person’s life will change.

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US airdate date April 15, 2012
UK airdate April 15, 2012

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