Grimm, 1.14 - Silas Weir Mitchell and David Giuntoli
Grimm, 1.14 "Plumed Serpent" - Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) © 2012 NBCUniversal Media, photo by: Scott Green

Inspired by the classic Grimm’s Fairy Tales, NBC’s successful new series Grimm spotlights Portland homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntioli), who discovers he is a direct descendent from a line of criminal profilers, which began with The Grimm Brothers.

Thrown into a frightening world of evil creatures, helped by Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), a reformed Grimm creature himself, Nick must navigate through the forces of a larger-than-life mythology.

This is the kind of show fans embrace. Was it the fans that got you that second season pickup?

Grimm, 1.18 - David Giuntoli
Episode, 1.18 “Cat and Mouse” – Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) © 2012 NBCUniversal Media

David: I guess it is the fans that got us the second season pickup, and thank God there are a lot of them. They keep you accountable too, and they imagine the world beyond where we’ve even imagined it sometimes.

That’s really cool.

Have you had any strange encounters with fans?

David: I’ve had nothing but positive encounters with the many fans in Portland. We’ve had people who use the moniker ‘Grim Stalker.’

They’re people who find where we’re filming, because we film in a really cool area of the city, but it has been nothing but positive.

Silas, you’re bearing the double burden often of the continuing comic relief and the person who gives out a lot of exposition.

Grimm, 1.17 - Silas Weir Mitchell
Episode, 1.17 “Love Sick” – Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) © 2012 NBCUniversal Media

Silas: Well, yeah. I’ve heard that before. But when you’re expositing about shock-hounds, which are things no one’s ever heard before, that’s when the comedy and the other elements of exposition come in.

You’re not talking about something everybody already knows about, which is the presumption when someone says, ‘You’re just exposition.’

After doing this, do you look at people differently?

Silas: Totally. You start thinking in terms of what is that person’s creature? What might they be? Because we all have these elements in us, and we share a common font of good and evil.

So, you walk down the street, and you’re like, ‘That guy is a flu bug!’

You shoot the series in Portland, Oregon, how has the city taken to you?

Grimm, 1.19 - David Giuntoli, David Zayaz and Russell Hornsby
Episode, 1.19 “Leave it to Beavers” – Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli), Sal Burrell (David Zayaz) and Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby) © 2012 NBCUniversal Media

David: It’s been like we’ve had a love affair with the town of Portland, using it for everything it is and celebrating it. The people of Portland watch the show all the time, and I think they’re thrilled and tickled by the fact that we’re showing what the city has to offer.

As far as living in the town, it gets better and better. It’s been a mild winter. Sometimes the stars can’t be seen for months at a time. The people have been wonderful, and the restaurants are awesome.

Have either of you had any paranormal or ghostly experiences that you could share with us?

David: I’m a strict non-believer in ghosts, but I’m also afraid of them!

Silas: [He’s] a very complex guy.

David: Yeah, I’m a coward, and I’m hard-headed. So that’s horrible.

Silas: I haven’t had anything paranormal, but I certainly believe the perceptive abilities of the human mind far transcend what we usually live in.

Grimms season final is tomorrow May 18, 2012 on NBC at 9pm.

Grimm, 1.14 - Silas Weir Mitchell and David Giuntoli
Episode, 1.14 “Plumed Serpent” – Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) © 2012 NBCUniversal Media

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