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TRON: Uprising – Elijah Wood on becoming part of nerd culture. UPDATE with VIDEO!

TRON: Uprising - Nate Corddry, Elijah Wood, Bruce Boxleitner and Tricia Helfer
Voice artists stars Nate Corddry, Elijah Wood, Bruce Boxleitner and Tricia Helfer celebrate Bruce's birthday at the reception at DisneyToon Studios in Glendale, California on May 12, 2012 © 2012 Disney Enterprises

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Did you see the character before you created the voice?

I saw conceptual drawings.

Does that help you at all?

It helps immensely, just getting your head around the space that you’re occupying. What your character looks like is important in terms of just knowing where you are when you’re articulating these things.

There’s a language within the context of The Grid, a lot of references to various things that we don’t actually have in our world, so having an understanding of that world helps, for sure.

When I first met on this I believe I was shown test animation and I was shown a lot of conceptual art, both character art as well as the machines  and vehicles that they were creating. Because it was very true to what had been established in the other films, I was also already familiar with it.

What is Beck’s relationship with Tron?

TRON: Uprising, "Beck's Beginning" - Beck
"Beck's Beginning" - Elijah Wood's character Beck is confronted © 2012 Disney Enterprises

Tron is sort of a mentor to Beck, a kind of teacher and a guide in Beck’s evolution. Beck had had an image of himself that is in the process of vastly changing and Tron is there goading that process and helping to build the new version of himself in a way with Beck. So it’s a cool relationship.

What’s the chemistry between you and Bruce Boxleitner like?

I’ve only gotten a chance to record a couple of times with Bruce, but it was a real treat. It certainly elevates our story having Bruce actively take a part in this and reprise that role, it’s been really amazing.

You said that you worked with Bruce a couple of times, that’s unusual in voice work.

TRON: Uprising, "Beck's Beginning" - Beck
"Beck's Beginning" - Elijah Wood's character Beck has a fight on his hands © 2012 Disney Enterprises

A little bit. [Usually] it’s a solitary journey. I did get a chance to work with some of the cast and it’s wonderful, it makes a huge difference. A lot of times you stand in front of the microphone alone and you’re having to interact with characters that aren’t there.

The challenge there is to create a sense of life for these scenes, because so much of what occurs in the scene is just interaction, so it always makes a huge difference getting to work with the actors. Bruce I got to work a little bit. Unfortunately we didn’t get to do that a lot, most of the time I was by myself.

What has most impressed you about TRON: Uprising?

I think the storytelling is very good, the writing’s very good. For something that is aimed at a young demographic, I’m impressed at how much gravity there is, how dark it actually goes at times, and how true to the world of TRON it actually is.

I love how cinematic it is, I love its animation style. It’s a very interesting amalgam of 2D animation with 3D digital animation.

It’s very unique. And I think that is something that I was really excited about, that you could actually have a show like this, that felt more like an animated film, and I think it will appeal to a lot of people, but I think it’s also really going to appeal to and please the fans of TRON and of the films.

Here is Elijah telling us about his character Beck in TRON: Uprising

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“Beck’s Beginning”, a 30-minute uninterrupted prelude to the series is aired on Friday, May 18 (9:30- 10:00 p.m., ET/PT). The special will encore uninterrupted on Disney XD on Monday, May 21(7:00 p.m. ET/PT), followed by the series launch on Thursday, June 7 (9:00 p.m.) on Disney XD.