That's My Boy - Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler
Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler at the after party for the World Premiere of That's My Boy, Westwood, CA. June 4, 2012 © 2012 CTMG

In the 1990s, Adam Sandler was a writer/performer on the iconic TV series Saturday Night Live. Andy Samberg is currently in his seventh season as a cast member of that show. He and Sandler are now working together, starring in the new comedy, That’s My Boy.

Adam Sandler portrays Donny Berger, who as a teenager had an affair with his teacher, Mary McGarricle, which resulted in a son, Todd. As Mary was sent to jail, Donny was left to bring up their child. Totally unprepared to be a parent, Donny’s relationship with Todd was volatile.

Now, thirty years later Donny, who is in financial trouble, tracks down Todd (Samberg) on the eve of his son’s wedding, turning the weekend festivities upside down.

You haven’t done an R rated comedy in a long time, what was it like to let loose like this?

That's My Boy - Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler
Todd Peterson (Andy Samberg) and Donny Berger (Adam Sandler) © 2012 CTMG

Adam: It was fun to speak the way I speak in my bathroom. It felt good to get it out there again. I grew up cursing a lot and it felt natural.

You do a lot of family movies too, so was it a tough decision to do That’s My Boy?

Adam: No, it was a funny script, I liked the idea. Samberg called me up and told me he liked it and that got me excited. I’ve done some stuff in the past few years where I cursed a bit and it felt good.

What came first the story or the fact that you both look alike and could be related?

Adam: We knew each other for the last few years, and our names are similar and our looks are a little bit similar. Our backgrounds are similar.

Andy: The script was written and then I heard Adam was thinking about doing it, and I was like, ‘Holy crap, if there’s ever a chance for me to play a part where I’m related to Sandler, this is it, because I’m the right age younger than he is if he had had a son with the teacher at the age of fifteen.’ It’s a classic tale!

Adam, what is it about romancing older women that appeals to you?

That's My Boy - Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler
Todd Peterson (Andy Samberg) and Donny Berger (Adam Sandler) © 2012 CTMG

Adam: I’m comfortable with it. I’ve always liked older ladies. They seem to be nice. They’ve seen it all, they’ve seen every penis size. They’ve seen some giants and they’ve seen some that don’t cause too much pain, and they find a way to compliment it no matter what.

So I’ve always like older ladies for that reason. Young ones are like, ‘Whoa, I was expecting more dick than that.’

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Judy Sloane

Judy is Film Review Online's regular Los Angeles based reporter.