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That’s My Boy – Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg on R rated comedy

That's My Boy - Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg
Donny Berger (Adam Sandler) and Todd Peterson (Andy Samberg) © 2012 CTMG

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How did Vanilla Ice get cast in this as himself?

That's My Boy - Vanilla Ice, Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler
Vanilla Ice, Todd Peterson (Andy Samberg) and Donny Berger (Adam Sandler) © 2012 CTMG

Adam: The Ice Man was very cool about it when I talked to him. The way it happened was the script was that I was friends with a star that I hung out with in the late eighties, and we became friends and we were both at the height of our fame together.

So we were talking about who it should be, and my wife said, ‘Vanilla Ice would be the best.’ And everybody got excited for Vanilla Ice and he came by the office and I told him about the part.

I said, ‘It’s fun, and you’re actually going to be cool in the movie, you’re a good friend, there will be jokes about what you do over a career.’ He said, ‘Anything you want to do.’ He was very loose, very cool.

Can you talk about being a fan of Adam’s?

Andy: I can talk about being a fan of Adam’s for the next seven hours. I watch SNL since I was eight, and I wanted to be on it since I was eight. I remember when he came on the show.

There was a lot of stuff he did, but the moment where I was like, ‘Oh, this is my guy,’ was the ‘Easy to do Halloween Costumes’ on the ‘Update’ [segment of the show].

When you see a comedian or a sketch [sometimes] it feels like it’s made just for you, and his time on the show was definitely one of those moments. Then with the first couple of movies, Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, I was just at that impressionable age, I memorized those movies.

I’ve said this before, but I had Billy Madison on audio cassette and I would walk around town listening to it on my Walkman. If I couldn’t be in front of a TV I wanted to be hearing Billy Madison. So I think it’s safe to say that getting to work with Adam on this was a dream come true for me.

What are you memories of working with Andy?

That's My Boy - Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler
Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler at the after party for the World Premiere © 2012 CTMG

Adam: I really loved him, we got tighter and tighter. I would keep saying to Andy, and my buddies about Andy, he’s kind of similar to me but a little better, a little smarter and a little better looking.

He’s just a hard worker with comedy chops. It’s similar to the way me and my buddies were back in the day where it’s all about being funny and all about coming up with stuff that you feel is fresh and that makes you laugh. He would sit in his trailer writing jokes for me. It was beautiful.

I think whatever he wants to do in his future is going to happen. He is a little less nuts with me. When I was his age I was a little more obsessed with kicking ass, he’s obsessed with having a good life and I like that.

Is there a message to That’s My Boy?

Andy: This movie is about accepting who you are and where you come from – even if that’s flawed – rather than trying to be something you’re not. We all have skeletons in our closet, some more than others. But family is important, not matter how screwy it is.

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