Expendables 2 - Poster, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Poster featuring Trench (Arnold Schwarzenegger) ©2012 Liongate

Here we find Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Expendables 2 press tour as they reach New York for it’s premiere.

He tells of the huge anticipation he has found for the movie saying, “I think it’s been great. We been travelling all of Europe was last week and going from one premiere to the other and the excitement was everywhere the same so there really is a huge anticipation.

“People were really looking forward to Expendables 2 I think the word of mouth has gone around around now that it’s a great movie.

“It is a huge opening. The first 20 minutes I’ve never seen action like that in any movie. To see a movie where there are so many action heroes all doing their thing. It’s like having ten James Bonds running around and creating the biggest action you can imagine.

“What they did which was very smart, and I think that is Sly’s writing, was to really taylor it to each one of the talent and he used a lot of comic relief which is also very important.”

Expendables 2 – Arnold Schwarzenegger Video Interview

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