Bangkok Revenge - Jon Foo
Manit (Jon Foo) ©2012 China Lion

Bangkok Revenge is a Thai martial arts film that looks dark and action packed.

It stars Jon Foo who is know for Tekken (2010) but also did stunt work on Universal Soldier: Regeneration (2009) and Batman Begins (2005).

Bangkok Revenge – Trailer

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Bangkok Revenge – Official information

Bangkok Revenge - Poster
Poster ©2012 China Lion

Manit (Jon Foo) witnessed the murder of his parents when he was just 10 years old. The killers shot him in the head, but he miraculously survived. However, the damage to his brain left him unable to experience regular human emotions.

A martial arts master saved him and took him in. Twenty years later, Manit has become a master of martial arts himself.

He returns to the scene of the crime, seeking justice…

Directed and written by Jean-Marc Minéo. Stars Jon Foo, Caroline Ducey and Michael Cohen. Runtime 80 minutes.