The Possession - Matisyahu, Natasha Calis, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick
The Possession - Tzadok (Matisyahu), Em (Natasha Calis), Clyde (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Stephanie (Kyra Sedgwick) ©2012 Box Productions, photo by Diyah Pera

Based on a true story, The Possession spotlights a family trying to survive the wrath of unspeakable evil.

When Clyde (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) buys an antique wooden box from a yard sale for his daughter Em (Natasha Calis), neither he nor his estranged wife Stephanie (Kyra Sedgwick) can imagine how it will change their lives.

Em’s behavior becomes more erratic and violent, leading to the discovery that the box was built to contain a Dibbuk, a dislocated spirit that inhabits and ultimately devours its human host.

I spoke with Jeffrey, Kyra and Natasha at the press junket about their very creepy movie.

What was it about this film that made you want to do it?

The Possession - Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Clyde (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) ©2012 Box Productions

Jeffrey: What was interesting to me is that surrounding this supernatural horror is a story about a family trying to survive. That makes all the jumps and scares add up to something powerful.

Kyra: I think that all really good horror movies have their basis in strong characters and relationships, and I liked that with this story, first you are moved and then you are very, very scared.

How scary was it to play a possessed child?

The Possession - Natasha Calis
Em (Natasha Calis) ©2012 Box Productions

Natasha: It was exciting to me to play a possessed character, because I really got to experiment.

I got to play around with the whole idea of possession, I got to experience what it feels like and what you would do and what you would look like, and it was really thrilling.

Do you believe in demonic possession?

Jeffrey: I was a complete skeptic going in.

That being said I’m still a bit of a skeptic, but we had some weird things happen on this set, so I walked away from this movie maybe less of a skeptic than I was going into it.

The Possession - Madison Davenport and Kyra Sedgwick
Hannah (Madison Davenport) and Stephanie (Kyra Sedgwick) ©2012 Box Productions

Kyra: Who am I to say there aren’t supernatural beings lurking around.

I certainly think there are spirits around.

I’ve always been a spiritual person, I can sense when I walk into an older house whether or not there are good vibes there, or unhappy, unsettled ghosts there.

I truly am a believer, not a skeptic.

What was the most scary part of shooting the exorcism scene?

Jeffrey: We were going to shoot a segment of it, which was me and Kyra carrying Natasha in and putting her on the table, and then it would be a cut. We went in and we put her on the table and no one said cut.

It went on for seven minutes and the raw emotion from everyone [was amazing]. I don’t think any of us knew where it was coming from. It was a complete out-of-body experience. It shut down our whole crew, everyone was in tears. It was crazy.

Kyra: What was so great about it as an actor is you yearn for those moments where the camera will catch everything that you do, and catch it in a wider shot where you see all the actors working with each other in that intense way, that can only be captured when it’s in one, big, long shot.

Natasha: It was pretty intense both emotionally and physically. For me it was really fun. I got to scream and lose my voice a few times.

Possession Soundbyte

Jeffrey was asked what weird things happened on the set? Click below to listen to his eerie answer…

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