Star Trek 46 Google - Bridge
Star Trek 46 Google – The Bridge ©2012 Google

Tomorrow Star Trek marks it’s 46th anniversary and Google have crafted it’s own animated logo which pays tribute to the show.

Star Trek first aired on NBC in the US from September 8, 1966. It lasted for just three series with the last episode going out on June 3, 1969. It was only really on syndication after did the show really take of. It then became a science fiction television cult classic. Today with so many Star Trek series these episodes are refered to as Star Trek: The Original Series.

Star Trek 46 Google - Transporter room
Star Trek 46 Google – Transporter room ©2012 Google

Tomorrow, Saturday September 8th 2012 marks it’s 46th anniversary and Google’s logo on it’s home page has become more of a interactive computer adventure game!

We start of with a scene on the bridge of the Enterprise. Here we can see the letters that make up G-o-o-g-l-e.

The first letter, a capital G, has pointed ears and wears a blue costume so this must represent Mr Spoke. He was of course the most memorable character from the series and was a particular talking point at the time. Next we have an ‘o’, dressed in red and represents Nyota Uhura. The second ‘o’ is in yellow and represents Captain James T Kirk. The lower case ‘g’ must be Dr Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy.

The ‘l’ we take as the enterprise pilot Hikaru Sulu. Finally we have the classic red shirt extra whom we now all know will get in harms way. The second ‘o’ and the ‘e’ go out of the red door to the transporter room.

Star Trek 46 Google - Alien Planet
Star Trek 46 Google – Alien Planet ©2012 Google

In the transporter room we can click around before we beam them down. Clicking on a cupboard roof panel reveals a host of tribbles. We then use the transporter to beam them to a planet where they are challenged by an alien. We have then to hunt around to see what there is there is to deal with the alien. On defeating the enemy they return to the Enterprise.

All this doesn’t happen on its own, but you need to click your way through to make the action happen. It all ends in classic Star Trek style with the USS Enterprise zipping past in the backdrop of stars and the Google letters appear in yellow.

This is, of course, just one of Google’s memorable logo versions. The first that Google posted to commemorate a television programme was on September 30, 2010 for the 50th Anniversary of the popular animated series The Flintstones.

We have clicked away and you can see it all in our video below…

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