Dexter Season 7 - Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter
Dexter Season 7 - Gallery shot: Dexter Morgan (Michael C Hall) and Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) ©2012 Showtime, Photo by Robert Sebree

Dexter Season 7 is airing now but it all started on October 1, 2006, when Showtime premiered the series. The psychological thriller stars Michael C Hall in the role of a blood splatter pattern analyst, Dexter Morgan, who moonlights as a serial killer.

One of the most interesting relationships on the show is that of Dexter and his adoptive sister, Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) who is totally unaware of her brother’s after-work activities. That is until last season, when Debra discovers Dexter in the middle of one of his kills.

But Jennifer and Michael‘s relationship off-screen may be even more interesting. The couple married on December 31, 2008 and divorced three years later on December 2, 2011, but continue to work in seeming harmony. They spoke with the TV Critics Association about their upcoming Dexter Season 7, which premiered on September 30 and has episode 2 airing October 7, 2012.

This is a plot development that viewers have been waiting for a long time. Were you afraid of it coming up in Dexter Season 7?

Dexter Season 7 – Gallery shot: Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) and Dexter Morgan (Michael C Hall) ©2012 Showtime, Photo by Robert Sebree

Jennifer: I have been looking forward to it. I’ve been very curious about how they would write it, and it’s perfect.

I think all of the anxiety I’m feeling as an actor is exactly where Debra is supposed to be. I’m just so happy with where they were taking it.

I didn’t want Debra to lose any credibility with the audience. I

wanted the things that we’ve claimed to be true about her to remain, where I don’t have to lie or shape shift anything to make it for the sake of the show, and I think the team of writers and producers did a great job.

What does this revelation do for you in acting terms in Dexter Season 7?

Dexter Season 7 ep1 – Dexter Morgan (Michael C Hall) and Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) ©2012 Showtime, Photo by Randy Tepper

Michael: I think it is without a doubt the most fundamentally game-changing development that we’ve had since we started telling this story.

One of the things that we’ve always been able to count on is that Dexter’s secret is his own. It’s not anymore.

It’s been so invigorating to play these scenes, to be preoccupied in ways that Dexter’s never been required to be preoccupied.

And, in the seventh season of the TV show, to have that genuine sense is pretty remarkable.

Did you like the way Debra finds out, discovering Dexter in the middle of the crime?

Dexter Season 7 ep2 – Dexter Morgan (Michael C Hall) and Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) ©2012 Showtime, Photo by Randy Tepper

Jennifer: I think her feelings for Dexter were always there when I was building the character.

So when they chose to make that a part of that season, it was imperative that I find out while I was already trapped in this web of acceptance.

We now in Dexter Season 7, what was the most satisfying season for you?

Dexter Season 7 ep3 – Dexter Morgan (Michael C Hall) and Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) ©2012 Showtime, Photo by Randy Tepper

Michael: The first one is unique because we shot it before anybody had seen it.

We felt like we had a secret, but we didn’t know exactly what it was going to be, so that was unique.

I think the fourth season is one that a lot of people remember as being strong. I think it was one where Dexter’s primary adversary, The Trinity Killer (John Lithgow) was a formidable as any he’s faced.

But I truly feel this season is genuinely informed by everything that’s come before it as any we’ve done. There’s a feeling that we’ve earned this arrival and this new landscape. In a lot of ways, it feels as rich as it ever has.

Does Debra finding out about Dexter seem like the proper time to end the series?

Dexter Season 7 ep4 – Dexter Morgan (Michael C Hall) ©2012 Showtime, Photo by Randy Tepper

Michael: Yeah, I think so, I think her finding out does make an endgame feel a little more palpable and imminent.

I think the plan is to do this season and a final eighth season.

I think to really tell this story of the two of them negotiating their relationship in this new landscape requires about that much time.

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