The Hour, Season 2 - Ben Whishaw, Dominic West, and Romola Garai
The Hour, Season 2 – Freddie (Ben Whishaw), Hector (Dominic West), and Bel (Romola Garai) ©2012 Kudos; for BBC

The Hour Season Two has now started it’s screening run but here in the US we have to wait another week and a half.

This Wednesday the UK got a chance to see what happened to Ben Whishaw over the intervening time. Strangely no mention of gadgets, breadcrumbs or ‘bond’ing with secret agents! In the States BBC America starts it’s run on November 28. Then finally we have more Hours!

The Hour Season Two – Gallery

The Hour Season Two – Season overview

From Emmy®-nominated writer and creator Abi Morgan (The Iron Lady, Shame), the sequel to BBC America’s Golden Globe®-nominated miniseries, The Hour, sees the return of the highly competitive, sharp-witted and passionate news trio of Freddie (Ben Whishaw, Skyfall), Bel (Romola Garai, The Crimson Petal and the White) and Hector (Dominic West, The Wire) – still striving to broadcast stories they believe in.

Series two rejoins The Hour team in 1957 where we are introduced to new characters played by Peter Capaldi (The Thick Of It, The Nativity), Hannah Tointon (The Inbetweeners) and Tom Burke (State Of Play).

The six new episodes see the team still striving to broadcast the stories they believe in as they grapple with the looming spectre of the Cold War and changing social mores.

The series will chart political intrigue and corruption against the highly charged backdrop of a country in the grip of unsettling and rapid change. With the space race and nuclear power, Britain seems on the threshold of a new era of modernisation, economic optimism, scientific progress and cultural change in the face of new immigration from the Commonwealth. But under the buoyant veneer, our characters become deeply embroiled in cover-ups, sexual intrigues and the resurgence of Mosley’s fascism.

The sequel will see the personal meet the professionalas the characters become deeply embroiled in cover-ups, corruption, love affairs, sexual intrigues and the resurgence of Mosley’s fascism.

Welcome to the end of the ‘50s – The Hour premieres Wednesday, November 28, 9:00pm ET/PT as part of BBC America’s Dramaville.

Colin Davies

The editor of Film Review Online