The Hour, Season 2 - Anna Chancellor and Peter Capaldi
The Hour, Season 2 - Lix (Anna Chancellor) and Randall (Peter Capaldi) ©2012 Kudos, photo by Laurence Cendrowicz; for BBC

In The Hour Season Two, Part One we saw a new Head of News as well as seeing how the other characters are coping with the changing world.

Find out what motivates them in The Hour Season Two by checking the their character backgrounds. See might also like to check out the main Characters which are in a separate post.

Randall Brown

The Hour Season Two - Peter Capaldi
Randall (Peter Capaldi) ©2012 Kudos, photo by Laurence Cendrowicz; for BBC

Randall Brown (Peter Capaldi) is The Hour’s new Head of News.

A witty, forward-thinking maverick, his sometimes obtuse and perplexing management style and indirect communication often infuriates his co-workers, as does his need to order the minutiae that surrounds him.

Randall is determined to reinvigorate The Hour, but he has other motives for returning to London – namely, Lix.

The former lovers share something very special, something that Randall wants to find again.

Lix Storm

The Hour Season Two - Anna Chancellor
Lix (Anna Chancellor) ©2012 Kudos, photo by Laurence Cendrowicz; for BBC

Lix Storm (Anna Chancellor)is still heading up the foreign desk, fighting for airtime for international stories while Freddie spars with her over domestic affairs.

A new side to Lix is revealed when Randall arrives at The Hour.

These two are former lovers – and as the series unfolds, the emotional and complex history they share is revealed.

Lix finds, like Bel, that she is struggling with her idea of herself, forced to confront her own dogged sense of independence.

Marnie Madden

The Hour Season Two - Oona Chaplin
Marnie (Oona Chaplin) ©2012 Kudos, photo by Joe Martin; for BBC

Marnie Madden (Oona Chaplin) auditions for a new role on an ITV cookery program and lands the job.

Fanny Craddock meets Julia Childs. Sublimating her desire for a family that has not so far happened, Marnie throws herself into her new career – which unbalances her relationship with Hector.

However, when scandal threatens to destroy their marriage and both their careers, Marnie finds a renewed strength of character.



Angus McCain

The Hour Season Two - Julian Rhind-Tutt
Angus McCain (Julian Rhind-Tutt) ©2012 Kudos, photo by Giles Keyte; for BBC

Angus McCain (Julian Rhind-Tutt) is now Head of Press for Macmillan.

He is protecting the recently elected Prime Minister and the closed circle of his cabinet.

However, McCain is also implicated in the scandal at Hector’s drinking club.

He then must use all his powers to prevent the truth from becoming public.


Kiki Delaine

The Hour Season Two, Part 1 - Hannah Tointon
Kiki (Hannah Tointon) ©2012 Kudos, photo by Laurence Cendrowicz; for BBC

Kiki Delaine (Hannah Tointon) is the young, beautiful, talented singer and the ‘star attraction’ at El Paradis, the Soho Club run by the charming (but dangerous) Raphael Cilenti.

It’s at El Paradis that she meets Hector, who falls for her feminine charms and it’s this relationship that sets off a chain of events.

This includes corruption on a massive scale, putting Kikiand her friend at the Club, Rosa Maria (Hannah John-Kamen) in danger.




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