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Texas Chainsaw 3D – Alexandra Daddario and the drama on set

Texas Chainsaw - Alexandra Daddario
Heather Miller (Alexandra Daddario) ©2011 Leatherface Productions

In Texas Chainsaw 3D, Alexandra Daddario is the latest in the line of heroines to face the terrifying killer, Leatherface (Dan Yeager).

Alexandra portrays Heather, a young woman who learns she is the sole owner of an isolated Victorian estate in Texas, inherited from a grandmother she never knew she had. Deciding to take a road trip with her friends to discover her roots, it doesn’t take long after arriving at the mansion for the horror that resides in the cellar to rear its ugly head.

What drew you to this project?

Texas Chainsaw - Alexandra Daddario with Director John Luessenhop
Alexandra Daddario with Director John Luessenhop on the set ©2013 Lionsgate

Besides being a part of the franchise, I think that this film will surprise people by being different than what they expect. There’s a twist to it, Heather isn’t the completely cliché character that you’d expect. I thought there was something really great about that, having this tough and dark side. It’s a darker character than I’ve played before.

I loved the mixture of action and horror, and it also has elements of mystery. It really caught me off guard.

What was it like appearing in a franchise with such a huge legacy?

I was really excited about this project and also a little nervous going into it knowing that I was jumping into something that has been around for thirty-plus years that’s so iconic. I worked really hard to try to make the film as great and scary as I could make it.

How did you draw on that kind of fear, which isn’t normal?

Texas Chainsaw - Alexandra Daddario
Heather Miller (Alexandra Daddario) ©2011 Leatherface Productions

I think it’s part physical, a lot of running around and working yourself up. A lot of it is emotionally drawing on things from my own life that make me upset, and building on that and using my imagination to imagine things that are more horrible than they are. Combining that with the physicality of the role you can bring yourself to the level of hysteria.

When you did your scenes with Leatherface, did they use a real chainsaw?

Yes, they used a real chainsaw for a lot of it, as long as we were a safe distance away. There were scenes where I was being chased by Dan, who is a strong guy, and he’d actually carry the real chainsaw. You really felt like you were being chased, because you were.

What was your most memorable moment doing the movie?

I have a lot. I feel like I overcame a lot personally doing this film, and I met some really amazing people.

Was there any drama on the set?

There’s always drama on a set. There’s always going to be something that happens. With any job there are different personalities, but I think we all came together to make a really great, scary film.

Would you be up for doing another horror film?

I would love to do more horror. I want to do different kinds of things. I really enjoy doing horror and I think it’s a really interesting challenge for me and a lot of fun.