The Last Stand - Arnold Schwarzenegger and Johnny Knoxville
The Last Stand – Ray Owens (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Lewis Dinkum (Johnny Knoxville) ©2012 Lions Gate Entertainment

Arnold Schwarzenegger is using his age to good effect in this video from The Last Stand.

He’s back on screen after ten years absence in what Lionsgate’s says is, a full throttle and action packed movie. Arnold stars alongside Johnny Knoxville in a film that claims to start 2013 with a bang! Check out both stars in this brand new kick-ass clip.

You can catch the guys on the big screen when The Last Stand hits theaters nationwide January 18, 2013.

The Last Stand – Clip “I’m Old”

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The Last Stand – Funny-man Johnny Knoxville’s role

When Sheriff Owens realizes he has to beef up his fledgling force, he is forced to deputize two locals – who see their own chance to make good.

One is museum owner Lewis Dinkum, played with an inimitable sense of comic mischief by popular funny-man Johnny Knoxville. As renowned for his crazy stunts as for his unhinged humor – and for roles in hit films ranging from Jackass to Men In Black 2 – Knoxville was a dead-on match for Dinkum.

Says Director Kim Jee-woon: “Johnny has a unique sense of humor, but he is not just a simple comic actor. He continually tries to better himself and you see that in his performance.”

The director continues: “Dinkum is a fusion between Johnny Knoxville’s funny personality and a military geek. Johnny portrays the unique quirkiness of a character that makes it possible for our heroes to defeat sophisticated, modern villains using antique weaponry, which adds some fun.”

Knoxville was lured by the combustible mix of Schwarzenegger joining with one of Korea’s hottest action directors. “My agents sent me the script, and told me it was Arnold’s big comeback movie. I think that’s about all they had to say,” Knoxville laughs.

“Another big reason I wanted to do the film is that I had seen The Good, the Bad, the Weird, and I know Kim Jee-woon shoots an amazing action film. There are so many elements going on in this story, yet the tone is spot on, and there’s lots of humor as well. I think he’s a really talented and very precise director.”

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The Last Stand – Theatrical releases

US and Canada January 18, 2013
UK January 25, 2013
Australia and Singapore February 21, 2013
New Zealand May 2, 2013