Spartacus: War of the Damned - Caesar (Todd Lasance) © 2012 Starz Entertainment

Pictured above: Caesar (Todd Lasance) © 2012 Starz Entertainment

Spartacus War of the Damned characters include Caesar, Agron and Nasir. Caesar is the one to keep an eye on with rumors that he may have his own series after this one is done.

Agron is one of three generals in the rebellion. Nasir is in training as a warrior with help from Spartacus himself, and counsel from Agron.

Spartacus War of the Damned – Caesar

Caesar (Todd Lasance) © 2012 Starz Entertainment

Few names in history command the power and respect that Caesar’s does. With a noble lineage sired from Venus herself, and Romulus, the exalted founder of Rome, it was his birthright to rule…and he knows it.

Arrogant and intelligent, but with fighting skills to rival those of a gladiator, Caesar is never one to be underestimated.

Yet despite his heritage, and his formidable skills as both warrior, tactician, and commander of legions, he lacks the wealth to see his ambitions play out; wealth that Marcus Crassus has in abundance.

Seeing opportunity for both to advance within Rome, they join forces with one aim – to bring death to Spartacus and his rebel army.

Caesar is played by Todd Lasance.

Spartacus War of the Damned – Agron

Agron (Daniel Feuerriegel) © 2012 Starz Entertainment

One of three generals in the rebellion, Agron is a hot-tempered warrior who is fiercely loyal to Spartacus and the cause.

Still enraged by the death of his brother Duro, who was slaughtered in the escape from Batiatus’ ludus, he continues seeking blind vengeance at every opportunity.

Often, his anger is directed toward Crixus, but despite their differences the two are united in the cause. Agron was also instrumental in overthrowing Glaber’s forces at the Battle of Vesuvius, which ultimately resulted in the death of Glaber and a great victory for the rebellion.

Now, as Spartacus’ right hand man, he is responsible for his leader’s safety while fighting for the cause.

Agron is played by Daniel Feuerriegel.

Spartacus War of the Damned – Nasir

Nasir (Pana Hema-Taylor) © 2012 Starz Entertainment

A young Syrian body slave freed by Spartacus and the rebellion, Nasir had a life of position and respect in his master’s villa. But that was all stripped away from him when he was given his freedom, and he resented Spartacus for it.

After a failed assassination attempt on Spartacus, Nasir realizes that he is in the presence of a man who really does want justice, and begins to train as a warrior.

He receives instruction from Spartacus himself, and counsel from Agron, who becomes more than just a trusted friend.

Over time, Nasir engages in an intimate relationship with Agron, and also proves his worth as a skilled fighter.

Nasir is played by Pana Hema-Taylor.

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