Broken City (2013) - car chase
Broken City (2013) - car chase © 2013 Twentieth Century Fox
Broken City (2013) - car chase
Broken City (2013) – car chase © 2013 Twentieth Century Fox

In this clip from Broken City we have Mark Wahlberg’s Private investigator character involved in a Murderous Chase.

Broken City was shot on location in New York and for production reasons, in New Orleans.

“Broken City is a New York movie in the classic sense that we shot most of the exteriors in New York.,” Director Allen Hughes explains. “Our production designer, Tom Duffield, maintained a consistency from New York into New Orleans, and there was definitely a cohesion that was remarkable.”

Check out the New York (and maybe New Orleans?) street’s…

Broken City – Clip, Murderous Chase

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During their first meeting to discuss the project, Allen and Tom sorted through images and discussed movies that featured New York, to help decide what they would film in New Orleans and what absolutely had to be shot in New York.

“There are many different ways of showing New York, gritty like The French Connection, or beautiful like Manhattan,” explains Duffield. “We tended a little more towards Manhattan, with picturesque views across the river or up at the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx – all these beautiful locations that just make New York feel like a great city.”

“We wanted to show the big panoramic views of New York from across the river or on the rooftops looking at some of New York’s iconic buildings,” says Tom.

“In one scene shot from a penthouse balcony of the Palace Hotel at night (doubling for the Four Seasons Hotel) you can see both the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building in one shot. Those are the scenes that give the film a real iconic feel for New York.”

Much of the main characters dramatic interaction was filmed in New Orleans, where the production moved for six weeks to shoot interiors and select exteriors.