Broken City (2013) - Mark Wahlberg
Broken City (2013) – Private investigator Billy Taggart (Mark Wahlberg), who risks everything – possibly even his freedom – as he tries to uncover big city corruption © 2013 Twentieth Century Fox

In this clip from Broken City Billy (Mark Wahlberg) learns that the mayor’s (Russell Crowe) offer has a sinister intent.

It is one that will require Billy to use his inner resources which he had not done since his days as a cop. We can expect that ultimately, Billy and the mayor will face off in a battle.

Director Allen Hughes knew that a Wahlberg-Crowe on-screen confrontation would be good. During his first meeting with Russell Crowe he found that Crowe could hold court at a dinner party as masterfully as any seasoned politician. “He’s a riveting storyteller and it was the biggest surprise for me to mine that, because that quality of Russell has rarely been seen.”

Check out this scene and see what you think.

Broken City – Clip, I Own You

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Broken City – Billy Taggart and Mayor Hostetler

Broken City protagonist Billy Taggart is one of Mark Wahlberg’s richest screen roles. “The film’s script reminded me of those smart, character-driven crime thrillers that I grew up watching and loving,” says the Oscar®-nominated actor.

Billy is an ex-New York City cop who loved his job and did it very well until he went too far while investigating a murder. Now, he’s a private detective, barely making ends meet, “when a call from the mayor offers an opportunity to regain his badge and gun,” Wahlberg explains. “The mayor thinks his wife is having an affair and he’s worried about it interfering with his chances for reelection.

As Billy starts to investigate, he comes to realize there’s much more to this case than a cheating spouse, and that’s when the war between the mayor and Billy ignites.” It is this war that leads Billy to redemption.

“There is an edge to this story and to the way people speak to each other,” says Russell Crowe, who portrays Mayor Hostetler, a character that projects a powerful mix of charm and menace. “I look to be physically affected by projects I’m considering, and I sort of got goose bumps and started making decisions on behalf of the mayor straightaway while reading the script for Broken City. It’s a truly grown-up story.”