Dallas, 201 - Josh Henderson
Dallas, 201 “Battle Lines” – John Ross (Josh Henderson) ©2013 Turner Entertainment, photo by Skip Bolen

Pictured above: Dallas, 201 “Battle Lines” – John Ross (Josh Henderson) ©2013 Turner Entertainment, photo by Skip Bolen

With the success last season of Dallas, TNT ushers in the New Year with its second season, premiering on January 28th. John Ross (Josh Henderson). the scheming son of JR Ewing, continues to formulate plans to take over Ewing Energies.

But with the unexpected death of Larry Hagman, who of course played the formidable JR, John Ross is now on his own, as Josh Henderson explains…

At the end of last season, John Ross was pretty angry and he had given up taking the high road. He asked JR to help him take the low road. Can you tell us where John Ross stands as season two of Dallas opens?

Dallas, 201 “Battle Lines” – Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy), John Ross (Josh Henderson) and JR (Larry Hagman) in the Southfork House dining room ©2013 Turner Entertainment

Last season John Ross went from this very angry vengeful place, and now he’s all alone and if everybody gets in his way he’s going to take them down.

Season two picks up a month later, he has chilled out a little bit and he has a different approach. I think that he still wants to take over Ewing Energies, that’s his goal, but he knows that he can’t just be guns blazing all the time.

So he has a different tactic and wants to fly under the radar a little more, but he’s definitely working on a plan.

Everyone was very saddened by Larry Hagman’s death. You obviously worked closely with him on Dallas. How is it going to continue without him?

JR was a magical character and I think he was a huge reason why the world was captivated by Dallas originally. We were so blessed to have him back in this new Dallas.

You don’t have a glass ball to foresee what is coming, and this was something that was very surprising to us. There were some really cool things happening and you’ll see Larry is in the first seven episodes of season two.

But it’s tough because he was such an amazing person and I had so much fun working with him. But this has happened and we’re in a situation, so the writers geniusly went back into the lab over the holidays and they had to rewrite the entire second half of the season.

We don’t know except day-to-day what is happening, because they don’t want us as characters to know the future, so they’re not telling us.

What are you doing to make sure that Larry is proud of the legacy that you continue with?

Dallas, 202 “Venomous Creatures” – In Sue Ellen’s house JR (Larry Hagman) says he’ll make the charges go away. John Ross (Josh Henderson) stands behind ©2013 Turner Entertainment

We want to make sure at the end of the day that [we] respect Larry and that the fans will accept the way that Larry exits. That’s really a big deal for us. And we’re going to continue on because I know that’s what he would have wanted.

Dallas was a huge part of his life and he really loved us, loved the show and loved being a part of it. I was just fortunate enough to be able to work with this amazing man. So it’s going to be tough, but we’re going to keep on trucking.

How will JR’s death affect John Ross’ plans for Ewing Energies?

He and JR were really ready to lock hands and go at Ewing Energies together. But everything is brought to a halt and I think John Ross is going to feel very lost and unprepared with JR’s early exit.

It’s painful for him as he was not expecting this, and it’s going to cause some unbelievable emotions and actions to come out of him.

How has Dallas changed your life?

Dallas, 201 “Battle Lines” – John Ross (Josh Henderson) ©2013 Turner Entertainment

So many people around the world obviously knew Dallas before we ever brought it back. And being a part of it has really put me and my name out there worldwide, which is great.

I was born in Dallas, so I feel so lucky to be a part of the Dallas television show, getting to come home and shoot the show here. Fans of the show are very passionate, especially the fans of the original.

It kind of puts you in an intimate place with these people that you have never met, because they’re so attached and there is such a nostalgic aspect to Dallas for them. And what is great is it has brought it to a new generation, with the four younger members of the cast.

At the end of the day, people are really happy with the show and I’m having a blast. So it has changed my life for the better and I hope I can continue to do this for a long time.

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