Warm Bodies - Nicholas Hoult
Warm Bodies - R (Nicholas Hoult) ©2011 Summit Entertainment, photo by Jonathan Wenk

Here is a interesting if slightly creepy clip from the zombie romance Warm Bodies.

The clip features Nora (Analeigh Tipton), R (Nicholas Hoult) and Julie (Teresa Palmer).

Warm Bodies – Clip, Nora Questions R with Julie

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Warm Bodies – Nicholas Hoult on R

Nicholas Hoult says he was drawn to the challenge the role presented.

“The idea of this zombie who I have to try to make an audience care about and root for, that was interesting to me,” he says. “In the script, he was very funny and eloquent in his voiceover, so there was a charm about him and a humor as well.”

Hoult, who found Marion’s book “a fantastic read” and Levine’s adaptation “a real page? turner,” describes the character of R as a zombie who feels trapped and lonely, stumbling around the abandoned airport that is his home and wanting more from life.

“The most compelling thing about R is his need to connect,” Hoult says. “He wants to connect with the other zombies in the airport, even though they’ve got nothing to really say to him and can’t even say their names. He wants to connect with Julie and to feel alive. That’s one of the most human instincts ever—to want to feel a part of something and to connect with another human.”

One of the challenges of the role was the fact that, at least initially, R cannot speak in words—a condition that gradually changes as the story progresses.

“A lot of the time I had to communicate just through movement, my eyes, the things I do, or the records R plays for Julie,” Hoult says. “The idea of not being able to say what you’re thinking was something that was exciting for me. It makes you think in a slightly different way than you normally would.”