21 And Over - Justin Chon and Miles Teller ©2011 Twenty One and Over Productions, photo by John Johnson

In the new comedy 21 And Over, written and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (The Hangover), Miles Teller (Footloose, Rabbit Hole) portrays Miller, who along with his friend Casey, played by Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect) are determined to take their friend Jeff Chang (Justin Chon, Twilight Saga) out for a wild night to celebrate his 21st birthday. Unfortunately for Chang, his father has set up an important job interview for him at 8am the next morning.

I spoke with Miles and Justin about playing drunk and being nude.

Was this movie daunting to do?

Miller (Miles Teller) © 2011 Twenty One and Over Productions

Miles: That’s in my wheelhouse, and when I read this character I thought it was the

closest thing to my own voice that I’d ever read. Jon and Scott just let me fly, they let me rip into it. There’s a certain energy that I think for a movie like this you have to maintain, just to give it some drive.

College student Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) ©2011 Twenty One and Over Productions

Justin: I had a great time playing drunk. If you’re playing drunk you’re allowed to do whatever you want.

Miles: There’s a bit of Weekend at Bernie’s about this.

Justin: Yeah, most of the movie I’m getting carried around. I’ve always wanted to do a physical comedy piece, and it’s all physical, so I had a great time.

Whatever Jon and Scott wanted me to do, I was 100 percent up for it.

Were there any expectations for you growing up like in this movie?

Miller (Miles Teller), Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) and Casey (Skylar Astin) © 2011 Twenty One and Over Productions

Justin: No, my dad was an actor and my mom was a pianist. They didn’t even expect me to go to college, so when I told them I’d gotten into USC they were actually surprised.

My philosophy in life is under-promise, over-deliver. My parents are pretty surprised I turned out to be a human being.

When you read the script and you found out Miller is forced to kiss Casey, what was your reaction?

Miles: From the moment I was cast in this movie I had that conversation with Skylar. I remember telling Skylar, ‘Be on my side, let’s [not] do this.’

He said, ‘You pick your battles, I’ll pick mine.’ I was like, ‘This is the battle.’ They wanted me to use tongue, I said, ‘Absolutely not,’ so that was the compromise.

What about doing the nudity?

Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) with Teddy Bear ©2011 Twenty One and Over Productions

Justin: I’m game for anything. But that teddy bear was held up by a drawstring around my nuts and it hurt, because after awhile it cuts off the circulation.

I could take it for about 45 minutes and I would then have to go into the bathroom and untie it and let the blood run through my balls again, and then retie it because if it wasn’t tight when I ran it would fall off.

Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) and Miller (Miles Teller) © 2011 Twenty One and Over Productions

Miles: My sock was so funny. Here’s a little insider info. On the day that Skylar and I had our tube socks on, Skylar’s looking down my sock, which had this great swing to it.

He said, ‘What did you put in your sock?’ I said, ‘Whatever I could find. I think it’s about $1.50 in quarters.’ (he laughs)

Want to know how Justin and Miles respectively celebrated their 21st birthdays? Click below.

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