Beauty and the Beast, 114 “Any Means Possible” - Vincent (Jay Ryan) ©2013 The CW Network, photo by Ben Mark Holzberg

In Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Episode 15 titled Any Means Possible, Cat is determined to protect Vincent…

Sendhil Ramamurthy (“Heroes”) joins the cast as New Assistant District Attorney. Check out the full official information on the episode, airdates and gallery.

Beauty and the Beast, Season 1 Episode 15 airs on Thursday March 14, 2013 in US on The CW Television Network.

In the UK the Watch channel is showing the series and the episode is expected to be first shown on Wednesday April 24, 2013.

The studio’s code for this episode is 114 (pilot episode was 100).

Beauty and the Beast, S1 Ep15 – Gallery

Beauty and the Beast, S1 Ep15 – Official info

Season 1: “Insatiable”. Cat and Vincent get a fresh start.

New Assistant District Attorney Gabe Lowan (Sendhil Ramamurthy) arrives at the precinct, suspicious that cases involving the vigilante are being mishandled, and wanting answers.

Cat (Kristin Kreuk) is determined to protect Vincent (Jay Ryan) at any cost, which includes tracking down a witness and threatening him at a gala masquerade ball.

Meanwhile, Vincent worries he may lose control if he gets romantically involved with Cat. Max Brown, Nina Lisandrello, Brian White and Austin Basis also star.

Steve Adelson directed the episode written by Roger Grant (#114).

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