Doctor Who, 713 - Matt Smith
Doctor Who, 713 "The Name of the Doctor" - Poster section featuring: The Doctor (Matt Smith) ©2013 BBC America

Finally some details have been revealed of the current season finale episode of Doctor Who. With the release of the poster we know the episode is titled ‘The Name of The Doctor” and as well as Matt Smith and Jenne-Louse Coleman we have Alex Kingston.

Alex plays River Song who we have seen being told the Doctor’s name in an earlier episode. However we could not hear it and the Doctor whispered it in her ear in front of Any and Rory! Alex has recently been busy in the States with her reoccurring role in CW’s Arrow. (along with another Doctor Who actor John Barrowman)

The poster says “His Secret Revealed” and although this seems linked to the title “The Name of The Doctor” this may be deliberately mis-directing us! There of course is the mystery of Clara (Jenne-Louse Coleman) which Steven has said we will find out about by ther end of the season. The two could be linked?

We of course already knew that Showrunner Steven Moffat has written the episode. The poster shows Saul Metzstien as the Director.

The episode is due to be broadcast on Saturday, 18th May, 2013. With tonight’s episode we are just three weeks away…

PS We think it should be John Smith. This is the name the Doctor has always given when force to state his name and it would be amusing to show that it was no made-up name as we had been lead to believe…

Doctor Who, 713 “The Name of the Doctor” – Poster featuring: The Doctor (Matt Smith) ©2013 BBC America

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