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Iron Man 3 – Reviews round-up

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While Iron Man 3 is likely to get massive box-office in US and Canada, as it has already done else where, many critics seem to have had their fill of Iron Man for the moment.

New York Times Iron Man 3 review

The makers of Iron Man 3 — including the director, Shane Black, who wrote the script with Drew Pearce — could not, of course, have known that their carefully engineered entertainment would open so soon after the Boston attack.

Yet the explosions in the movie, as well as its plot elements — among them the threat of terrorist violence, homegrown terrorism, American soldiers and improvised explosive devices — made it impossible not to think about the marathon.

[Rating: 3.5 star] From our reading of the review

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US Today Iron Man 3 review

This third installment (after 2008’s Iron Man and 2010’s Iron Man 2) has such a surfeit of visual dazzle and eye-popping stunts that it teeters on overload. But Downey reins it all in with his perfectly-timed dry wit.

[Rating: 4.5 star] From our reading of the review

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The Washington Post Iron Man 3 review

From its anxious protagonist and the battered metal sheaths he dons to save the world to the clattering, fiery mayhem that ensues with metronomic predictability, Iron Man 3 is less a movie than a final war whoop let loose before utter exhaustion sets in.

[Rating: 3 star] From our reading of the review

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Entertainment Weekly Iron Man 3 review

There’s an ultra-terrorist on the loose, a global troublemaker called the Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsley with a scraggly beard and medieval hair. With his methodical low voice, he’s a scarily ”rational” psycho cult leader.

When the Mandarin takes over the airwaves, he’s like Osama bin Laden recast as a Bond villain, and Kingsley bites into the role with lurid gusto.

[Rating: 4.5 star]

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Our overall view based on these reviews is: [Rating: 4 star].