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The Iceman – Reviews round-up

Above: The Iceman – Richard Kuklinski (Michael Shannon) reflecting on the reviews ©2013 Millennium Entertainment

The Iceman gets some mixed reviews. Some clearly like the film and praise the star Michael Shannon (who we interviewed early this week) whilst other don’t even think Michael was that good!

New York Times The Iceman review

If the narrow biographical focus of “The Iceman” prevents it from being a great crime movie, on its own more modest terms it is an indelible film that clinches Mr Shannon’s status as a major screen actor.

[Rating: 3 star] From our reading of the review

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US Today The Iceman review

Director Ariel Vromen interweaves flashbacks of Kuklinski’s father beating him mercilessly, implying that the origins of his savagery likely began in childhood. Vroman deftly cuts back and forth between Kuklinski’s vicious kills and suburban family life. He impressively captures the era, with minor film noir elements—from the mid-’60s to the mid-’80s.

[Rating: 4 star] From our reading of the review

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The Los Angeles Times The Iceman review

Ironically, the filmmakers do better at fleshing out some of the smaller characters. David Schwimmer is excellent, and unrecognizable, as Josh Rosenthal. He’s a dim bulb in Demeo’s organization and the one guy who keeps messing up and getting away with it. Schwimmer dumbs it down just right.

[Rating: 2 star] From our reading of the review

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Entertainment Weekly The Iceman review

This is barely enough to hang a movie on, so director Ariel Vromen tries to distract us with a cavalcade of stars like Chris Evans, David Schwimmer, James Franco, and Stephen Dorff, all decked out in bad ’70s wigs and porn-set mustaches.

[Rating: 3.5 star]

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Our overall view based on these reviews is: [Rating: 3 star].