Star Trek Into Darkness - JJ Abrams, Simon Pegg's finger and Alice Eve ©2013 Paramount
Star Trek Into Darkness – JJ Abrams, Simon Pegg’s finger and Alice Eve ©2013 Paramount

With Star Trek Into Darkness about to be released in Australia, UK and other places in Europe and Asia, Paramount have released a video of a round table discussion with JJ Abrams and crew.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, Zoe Saldana, JJ Abrams, Alice Eve, Chris Pine and Karl Urban are all there but no all of them get talk in the 2 minute video.

The rest of the world have the film released next week. US & Canada release is May 15th, 2013. UK, Australia, New Zealand and Germany release is May 9th, 2013.

Star Trek Into Darkness – A Conversation With The Crew

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