Doctor Who, 712 - Matt Smith and Cybermen
Doctor Who, 712 "Nightmare in Silver" - The Doctor (Matt Smith) and Cybermen ©2013 BBC America, photos by Ray Burmiston/Adrian Rogers

So does Doctor Who (2000s) – 712 have a silver lining? According to one review this is a marmite episode where you love it or hate it.

If your have not watched the episode yet we suggest you don’t read the full reviews yet!

Warwick Davis has a pivotal role and most thought he did a good job. Many viewers got to see him twice as he was also in the news talking about the new Star Wars being made in the UK.

The Mirror (UK) Doctor Who (2000s) – 712 review

This was a solid episode – the start of a new (and hopefully more interesting) chapter in the history of the Cybermen. My thoughts: get Warwick back, set it in the same time and make a trilogy of it. It’d be awesome.

[Rating: 4.5 star] From our reading of the review

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Daily Telegraph (UK) Doctor Who (2000s) – 712 review

Gaiman said his aim was to make the Cybermen scary again, and in this he utterly suceeded. With their blank black eyes and their ability to upgrade instantly, they are the ultimate baddie: implacable, inhuman and conquerable only by a superhuman force.

[Rating: 5 star] From our reading of the review

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The Guardian (UK) Doctor Who (2000s) – 712 review

The Doctor is sidelined from the action once again, spending most of the story trying to win back his memories from the Cyberiad in a chess match. But what a performance from Matt Smith! Three years into a tenure, the worry can be that an actor will start to repeat himself, but Smith still keeps finding new places to go with it.

[Rating: 4 star] From our reading of the review

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Radio Times (UK tv listing magazine) Doctor Who (2000s) – 712 review

Davis gives the likeable Porridge moments of charm, but when he’s revealed as an emperor in hiding, then starts flirting with the ladies, I want to hide myself.

An almighty Cyber flop I’d never willingly sit through again.

[Rating: 1 star] From our reading of the review

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Our overall view based on these reviews is: [Rating: 3.5 star]. Also worth noting many fan’s did not like the episode at all.

Colin Davies

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