The Great Gatsby - Elizabeth Debick, Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joel Edgerton and Isla Fisher
The Great Gatsby - Jordan Baker (Elizabeth Debick), Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire), Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio), Tom Buchanan (Joel Edgerton) and Myrtle Wilson (Isla Fisher) © 2013 Bazmark Film III Pty

While The Great Gatsby looks great many reviewers found it lacked real depth.

New York Times The Great Gatsby review

The best way to enjoy Baz Luhrmann’s big and noisy new version of The Great Gatsby — and despite what you may have heard, it is an eminently enjoyable movie — is to put aside whatever literary agenda you are tempted to bring with you. I grant that this is not so easily done. F Scott Fitzgerald’s slender, charming third novel has accumulated a heavier burden of cultural significance than it can easily bear.

[Rating: 5 star] From our reading of the review

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US Today The Great Gatsby review

The director has fashioned a gaudy long-form music video — all kaleidoscopic spectacle and little substance — rather than a radiant new take on an American literary classic. F Scott Fitzgerald’s epic tragedy is lost amid the lavish excess.

[Rating: 2.5 star] From our reading of the review

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The Washington Post The Great Gatsby review

The net effect is akin to seeing The Great Gatsby miniaturized, its characters carefully choreographed against storybook illustrations of overworked perfection. It’s glib to suggest that Luhrmann has made a Great Gatsby for idiots; it’s more like he’s made it for infants, who prefer their nourishment pre-masticated and their stories pictorialized by way of bright, arresting images.

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Entertainment Weekly The Great Gatsby review

DiCaprio has a smooth, sun-kissed charisma as Gatsby, calling Nick ”old sport” in a clubby drawl. But it’s Edgerton, as the boisterous bully Tom, who commands the audience’s attention. Behind his Douglas Fairbanks pencil mustache and backslapping Ivy League hauteur lies the film’s most nuanced performance.

[Rating: 4 star]

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Our overall view based on these reviews is: [Rating: 3.5 star].

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