After Earth - Premiere with Will & Jaden Smith
After Earth - Premiere with Will & Jaden Smith in New York ©2013 Columbia Pictures
After Earth - Premiere with Will & Jaden Smith
After Earth – Premiere with Will & Jaden Smith in New York ©2013 Columbia Pictures

We have put together this video of the After Earth premiere. It includes interviews with Jaden Smith who plays Kitai Raige, Will Smith who plays Cypher Raige and the mother in the film Sophie Okonedo who plays Faia Raige.

We also have Kristofer Hivju who is playing the Security Chief and… M Night Shyamalan who Directed and Wrote the screenplay from an idea by Will and Jaden.

After Earth premiere interviewees

After Earth premiere interviewees

Will Smith (Cypher Raige / Story by / Producer) has enjoyed a great career encompassing films, television, and multi-platinum records. For his memorable portrayal of Muhammad Ali in Michael Mann’s Ali, he received his first Academy Award® nomination. His second nomination, was for his performance in the true-life drama The Pursuit of Happyness.

His list of blockbusters includes the most recent Men In Black 3, I Am Legend, and Hancock. He also had huge hits such as I, Robot, Independence Day, Men in Black, and Men in Black II. Smith is currently producing Annie.

Jaden Smith (Kitai Raige) has been creating quite the buzz in Hollywood since he started acting. He was presented with the 2010 ShoWest Breakthrough Male Star of the Year Award for his performance in the retelling of the 1984 cult classic The Karate Kid, in which he played the title role opposite Jackie Chan and Taraji P Henson. The film took in over $350 million worldwide.

Sophie Okonedo plays Faia Raige, the wife of Cypher Raige and the mother of Kitai. Of her character, Okonedo says, “She’s very earthy, open, and emotional – she talks from the heart. Sophie is working in feature films, television and theater in both the United States and Great Britain.

Kristofer Hivju was in 2011’s The Thing as well as in this year’s season of the highly successful Game of Thrones playing Tormund Giantsbane.

M Night Shyamalan (Director / Co-Screenwriter / Producer) has captured the attention of audiences around the world for almost two decades. With his cutting edge direction, sharp screenplays, depth of character development and ability to extract the best performances from his cast, Shyamalan is widely regarded as one of the most influential filmmakers of our time.