War War Z - The infected
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World War Z is praised for the visually stunning Zombies but some reviewers are less happy with the overall storyline.

New York Times World War Z review

I know what some of you are thinking. Zombie apocalypse? Really? Again? But if you start complaining about the lack of originality in summer movies, honestly, when will you stop?

The zombies — computer-generated en masse and carefully made up for close-range viewing — are creepy and cool, though the movie doesn’t quite meet the challenge of making them seem truly new or scary. But if you want to be diverted and mildly disturbed, they, and “World War Z,” will at least temporarily satisfy your appetite.

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US Today World War Z review

World War Z gets points for juxtaposing the beastly undead with the beauteous movie star. Though, to Pitt’s credit, he’s playing a worried family man, not a dashing Hollywood icon.

Still, he’s a credible action hero. There are more than a few moments when he cheats death and destruction with the equanimity of Jason Bourne.

[Rating: 3 star] Rated 2.5/4 Stars in the review

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The Los Angeles Times World War Z review

Birds do it. Bees do it. Even educated fleas do it. And as it turns out, zombies do it as well. They swarm.

In a world where we all feel more threatened than we ever have by myriad forces beyond our control, from global warming to spying governments, it is comforting perhaps to see the personification of these fears in creatures that also cannot be stopped. Unless Brad Pitt gets in the way.

[Rating: 4.5 star] From our reading of the review

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Entertainment Weekly World War Z review

World War Z, which may be the most entertaining and accomplished zombie thriller since George A Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (1979), has touches of that suspenseful high-tension claustrophobia. Yet it’s a very different sort of zombie feast. It’s vast and sprawling and spectacular; it’s the first truly globalized orgy of the undead.

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