Rush - Chris Hemsworth
Rush - Englishman James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) ©2013 Universal

In this promotional video of Rush we see and hear from star Chris Hemsworth on the set of the movie where he takes on the real life character of James Hunt.

It starts of on day 15 on a race track with paparazzi in trees in an attempt to get a glimpse of the action. Also there are some girl fans waiting to talk to Chris.

Olivia Wilde comments of the varied roles has had from Thor to James Hunt here. She comments of the difficulty for Chris on capturing the right character of Formula 1 race car driver James Hunt.

Director Ron Howard comments how this was one of the easiest films he has had. It was an audition tape Chris had made while doing Avengers that won everyone over.

Chris tells how it was Ron Howards involvement that convinced him that he really should take on this part. He tells how he really threw himself into the character and really went for it.

Co-star Daniel Brühl who plays James Hunt’s rival Niki Lauda talks of the respect he has for Chris’s physical roles, these super heroes, and how he comes at the part here from another direction. He tells on the believable rivalry and how they shared a good sense of humor.

Finally we see Chris on the last day of filming, who it has been an amazing ride and how his formula 1 career is now over…

Rush – Chris Hemsworth Feature



Colin Davies

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