An Adventure in Space and Time
An Adventure in Space and Time - Susan Foreman, aka Carole Ann Ford (Claudia Grant) and William Hartnell aka the first Doctor (David Bradley) meet the Daleks ©2013 BBC/BBC Worldwide

Three more pictures have been released for this bio-pic TV movie An Adventure in Space and Time which tells the story of the early days of Doctor Who.

One shows the William Hartnell’s Doctor, played here by David Bradley, in the junkyard. This would be just before Susan’s teachers stumble into the place looking for the home of their pupil, Susan Foreman. Foreman is the name on the doors of entrance to the junk yard.

Another shows Ian and Babara entering the TARDIS for the first time. This would have been where the TARDIS doors failed to work during the first recording of the episode. An event that is clearly seen on screen of that recording. This was one of the main reason’s for re-shoting the episode.

The third has Susan and the Doctor entering the Dalek control room. Here the Doctor and his Granddaughter met the Daleks for the first time. It was also what BBC Executive Sydney Newman specify asked not to happen – “No Bug Eyed monsters”…

I have met Sydney and he has quite a powerful personality and can imagine that going against what he asked took some determination on behave of then Producer Verity Lambert!

An Adventure in Space and Time – Latest images


Colin Davies

The editor of Film Review Online