All is Lost - Robert Redford
All is Lost - Our Man (Robert Redford) ©2013 Roadside Attractions, photo by Richard Foreman

In All Is Lost, a tale of survival at sea, it is widely acknowledged that Robert Redford gives the performance of his career.

New York Times All Is Lost review

The guy in JC Chandor’s amazing All Is Lost — identified only as “Our Man” in the credits and instantly recognizable as Robert Redford, giving the performance of his life — says almost nothing at all.

The physical details that carry the story and make it suspenseful and absorbing are also vessels of specific meaning, and together they add up to a fable about the soul of man under global capitalism.

[Rating: 4.5 star] From our reading of the review

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USA Today All Is Lost review

Redford gives the performance of his career. It feels as if the accumulated wisdom of his years, and knowledge amassed in his many screen roles and filmmaking efforts, is contained in this one performance.

[Rating: 4.4 star] From our reading of the review

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The Washington Post All Is Lost review

Redford adds a layer of pathos that surely won’t be lost on the filmgoers who came of age with his golden good looks, as the avatar of a generation contemplates mortality that looms closer by the minute.

[Director JC] Chandor’s attention to detail, and the expressiveness and utter believability with which Redford goes about the anything-but-mundane business of surviving, make All Is Lost a technically dazzling, emotionally absorbing, often unexpectedly beautiful experience.

[Rating: 4 star]

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Entertainment Weekly All Is Lost review

We’re gripped by his ingenuity, and we’re also moved by the image of this legendary actor, still ruggedly handsome in a weathered way at 77, acting without a net.

The whole drama of All Is Lost is there in his face, and the power of his performance is that we can read the emotion in every crevice.

[Rating: 5 star]

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