Delivery Man - Vince Vaughan
Delivery Man - Affable underachiever David Wozniak (Vince Vaughan) hides his true identity from a group of 142 young men and women who have gathered to discuss a pending lawsuit to discover the identity of their biological father ©2013 DreamWorks II, photo by Jessica Miglio

Vince Vaughn’s new comedy Delivery Man, is a re-telling of the 2011 French-Canadian movie Starbuck, a title derived from a notorious breeding bull with a record-setting number of offspring, Both movies were written and directed by Ken Scott.

Vaughn stars as David Wozniak, a delivery driver for his family’s meat company who years before made an anonymous donation to a fertility clinic under the pseudonym ‘Starbuck.’ .When he discovers he is the biological father of 533 children, and 142 of them are suing to learn his identity, David wants to be held accountable and begins to track them down and, like a covert guardian angel, offers them advice and encouragement.

Vince spoke of both movies and why he wanted to do a remake.

Did you watch Starbuck before making this?

Delivery Man - Vince Vaughan, director Ken Scott and Cobie Smulders
Delivery Man – Vince Vaughan, director Ken Scott and Cobie Smulders ©2013 DreamWorks II, photo by Jessica Miglio

Yeah, I saw Starbuck. What was interesting to me was the director, Ken Scott, who wrote the movie and also directed it.

He’s a very passionate director and storyteller, and I think he was passionate about that script and telling that story, and then he was very passionate about telling the story to this audience here. If it was a different director or just a concept that they were trying to roll off of, I would have been less interested.

One of the things that I really love in the film is that nowadays a lot of times you’ll have something be just a comedy or just a drama, or just sentimental, and this under one umbrella is really unpredictable.

From one scene to the next you don’t know if you’re going to laugh or be tense, and that’s what I was most excited about being part of.

The movie shows your first reaction when you find out that your girlfriend is pregnant. You’re a father, too. What was your own reaction when you found out that your wife was pregnant for the first time?

Delivery Man - Britt Robertson and Vince Vaughn
Delivery Man – Kristen (Britt Robertson) and David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn) ©2013 DreamWorks II, photo by Jessica Miglio

I was thrilled. I got married a little later in life. Hence, we were excited to try right away and, thankfully, my wife was able to get pregnant right away.

Then the second one, there was a day around Christmas that my wife came to me with a Christmas ornament with the families, and there was an extra person in a Santa hat and that’s how I found out, which was great. So I was really excited both times.

How would you react if an old girlfriend from 20 years ago comes out to say, ‘I have a 20-year-old son’?

Delivery Man - Chris Pratt and Vince Vaughan
Delivery Man – Brett (Chris Pratt) gives advice to friend David Wozniak (Vince Vaughan) ©2013 DreamWorks II, photo by Jessica Miglio

I haven’t been presented with that, but I think what’s great about the character of David is his capacity to love. I feel like it’s impossible for him to resist trying to reach out and have a connection. That’s nice.

Do you feel like your own maturity has paralleled the characters that you have played?

I don’t know about that. I guess that different things come to you, and at different times in your life you’re drawn to different types of material. For myself, I feel like this director, this material came to me at a time when I was really wanting to do something different.

So I was grateful for the opportunity where this movie was concerned. I’ve never been one to plan stuff, maybe to a fault, but in the future you just have to see what comes your way and what you’re interested in.

Delivery Man - Vince Vaughan and children
Delivery Man – David Wozniak (Vince Vaughan, centre) s surrounded by 142 of his 533 children ©2013 DreamWorks II, photo by Jessica Miglio

Colin Davies

The editor of Film Review Online