The BBC have released three clips for Doctor Who The Time of the Doctor, the Doctor Who Christmas Special. We also have show runner and scriptwriter Steven Moffat giving a quick lowdown.

The first clip is we get to see Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) at her home calling the The Doctor (Matt Smith) asking if he will stand in a her boyfriend.

The next clip we see the Doctor and Clara cooking a Turkey and things are not going so well. Clara is anxious about the Christmas dinner and asked the Doctor if he can use his sonic screwdriver to speed things up. But of course we find the sonic does not do turkey!


Third clip we are on a quiet backwater planet. We see Tasha Lem (Orla Brady) who is a galactic nun who whizzes around the universe. The Doctor has gone to see Tasha as they are old friends.

He needs her help and knows he will find it with her as although she is fearsomely powerful, she is loyal to her friend. This clip shows an awkward moment for the Doctor, Tasha and Clara…


Finally we have writer and show runner Steven Moffat on the secrets surrounding the Eleventh Doctor’s final adventure!


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