Muppets Most Wanted - Muppets gang including manager Dominic (Ricky Gervais), Inspector Jean Pierre Napoleon (Ty Burrell), Miss Piggy, Nadya (Tina Fey) and Kermit ©2013 Disney Enterprises

The Muppets are back in their new adventure Muppets Most Wanted. Ricky Gervais (Extras, Derek) portrays manager Dominic, who insists on booking the Muppet Show on a global tour.

But it’s really just a cover for his cohort Constantine, who looks remarkably like Kermit, as they go on a crime spree across Europe, which is investigated by Inspector Jean Pierre Napoleon (Ty Burrell, Modern Family). And poor Kermit lands in a Russian prison, run by Nadya (Tina Fey, 30 Rock).

The Muppet gang, along with their human actors, met with journalists at the press day for the movie.

Miss Piggy, what did you think of Kermit and Constantine in the movie?

Muppets Most Wanted – Miss Piggy and Kermit ©2013 Disney Enterprises

Kermit: All during the shoot she confused us, which kinda took some of the pressure off me.

Miss Piggy: Maybe a little at the beginning.

Kermit: You still don’t know who we are. She just sees green, it’s wonderful.

Tina: Miss Piggy and I haven’t actually met.

Miss Piggy: I know. We didn’t do much together on the movie.

Tina: No, you refused to meet me. You look so pretty.

Miss Piggy: Thank you. You’re so far away (looks down the table) I’m sure you look pretty too!

What do you think kids will like about this movie?

Muppets Most Wanted – Nadya (Tina Fey) and Kermit ©2013 Disney Enterprises

Tina: I think they’re going to like how finny the movie is because there’s a lot of jokes in the movie and kids who are 8, 9.10 years old take a lot of pride in getting the jokes.

It makes them feel big.

Ricky: Yeah, it doesn’t patronize kids. I remember when I was a kid watching the Muppets.

I had older brothers and sisters and they were laughing and I knew that it was cool as well, so I think kids relate to that. They like things that adults like.

Ty: I have an IQ of a seven-year-old and I loved this movie.

Were you inspired working with the Muppets?

Muppets Most Wanted – The Eagle and Napoleon (Ty Burrell) ©2013 Disney Enterprises

Ty: I was constantly inspired by the Muppets.

I’ve never realized just how over rated I was until you go out and do a scene with somebody who’s doing eight things at once, while all I have to do is try to remember my words which I fail at miserably.

Kermit, what are you the most proud of in the movie?

Kermit: You may be surprised to hear this, but I’m actually stretching myself quite a lot as a dramatic actor in this. I did many scenes with Tina. One particular scene stands out to me. It was a closed set.

It was the scene where she licks me. But I wanna clear it up right here with the press that Tina is happily married. Jeff was there during the shooting.

Tina: Yeah, my husband was there. He was being very kind of controlling and creepy. (she laughs)

Ricky, in the movie your character pays critics to give great reviews to the Muppets. Do you worried about critics when you do things?

Muppets Most Wanted – Manager Dominic (Ricky Gervais), Miss Piggy and Kermit ©2013 Disney Enterprises

Ricky: You like when they get it. But if you only believe in the good (reviews) and don’t believe the bad ones then that’s a slippery slope. The best thing to do is celebrate the people that like the film, and know that it was made for them.

If you’re worried about pleasing everyone you’re not gonna please anyone and that will drive you mad. But having said that, just say f-ing nice things about it, please!

I asked Kermit why he didn’t play both his role and Constantine’s in the movie – Play the video for his witty answer


The humans were asked what it was like doing the musical numbers with the Muppets – Play the video to see their reaction


Miss Piggy was asked about her musical number with Celine Dion. Play the video for her amusing reply.


Playing with Muppets Most Wanted is a Monsters University short called Party Central, which includes favorites Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sullivan (John Goodman). Pixar director Kelsey Mann, who was there to talk about the movie, was asked if he ever considered putting his characters into togas, ala Animal House, for the party sequences.
Play the video to see his reply and the animated sketch of the partiers.


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