Beauty and the Beast, 216 - Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk
Beauty and the Beast, 216 "About Last Night" - Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) in the last episode to air so far ©2014 The CW Network, photo by Ben Mark Holzberg

In Beauty and the Beast, just when things were finally coming together, something always gets in the way… like the possibility that the series will get cancelled?

Beauty and the Beast returns in the Summer with the remaining new episodes from Season 2. However the ratings have not been very good so far but like the previous version of the show the support from it’s fan base has been fantastic!

As an example of fan support was seen when the CW show was nominated for E! Online’s Save One Show tournament. You can tell tat the fans were really backing the show as it won! It had the most number of votes to save the show and renew it for another season.

Stars Jay Ryan (Vincent) and Kristin Kreuk (Catherine) thanked fans during E! Online’s Save One Show tournament and are obviously hoping it might save their and good professional relationship!

Loyal fans are something that are difficult to get so it is possible that the CW Network bosses may think it is worth putting up with lower viewing figures than they would normally be happy with.

Beauty and the Beast – Season 2 final episodes, preview

In the trailer for the next batch of episodes, released just after episode 216, we see the result of someones scheme to incriminate Vincent for murder. The preview reveals that Vincent is in prison, with a life sentence looming over his head, and a very unset Catherine. She had only just patched-up and fell back in love with him in the last few episodes!



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14 replies on “Beauty and the Beast – Returns but can fans save it from cancellation?”

    1. Sam (Tom Everett Scott) was that bad guy in the last episode aired on March 10 if you remember. (and also in most of those this year). He knows that someone is guilty of murdering his son through some experiments (that is beast type of research experiments)…

      1. Yes, I know, but that doesn’t explain why this article is pointing him out as the person behind Vincents arrest. Nothing in ep 2-16 suggested that Sam would do anything like that. The last we heard about him, was that he had promised Gabe that he would coopreate in getting the people behind his sons death. And Sam isn’t in the preview either. So where does that piece of information come from?
        Gabe would be a more likely suspect.

        1. The actor thinks of the character as a sociopath…

          We will all just have to wait until summer and see if it is him behind Vincent’s troubles….

          1. I’m sorry, but how does that point at Sam being the person behind Vincents arrest? His behaviour up til the ball sure showed he was a sociopath, but that still doesn’t explain why you are pointing him out.
            Sam’s plan was to get the group to have an emergency meeting, and kill them all at that meeting. There is no indication anywhere that he was after Vincent in any way.
            The logical suspect behind Vincent’s arrest is Gabe. He has reasons, and he has the means to get things going as well.
            So I, along with a lot of Beasties are curious. Where do you have the information from?

          2. Thanks 🙂 We are really curious. It would be an unforseen twist.
            Gabe is the obvious one. Maybe too obvious. Which could point at someone else. Or maybe the police at the 95:th have actually done some real work, and connected Vincent to the crime. Windsors murder wasn’t covered up like the other beastkillings.
            One more thing pointing at Gabe, we have been told that Heather will run into trouble later because of Gabes retaliation on Vincent…

          3. Colin has removed the reference to Sam. The information linking Sam to this particular plot was not clear enough to leave it in.

            Looks like we will all have to wait to find out what is really going on but, what is certain, we will have to keep an eye on Sam…

  1. It makes no sense to say that Sam is behind Vincent’s arrest. He wasn’t there when Windsor was killed. The only one who has the information to turn Vincent in is Gabe. He was present at the Windsor killing. He had a gurney to haul the body to the morgue (if it is in fact there) and the ability to hold and hide the evidence. The police have not done a crime scene investigation of JT’s place where the killing took place. It makes no sense to put the crime on Sam when there is Gabe who wants Vincent out of the way and the means to get that done. Or it could be Reynolds who was the one who sent Vincent on a mission to kill Windsor. He is the only other one with any knowledge of the crime. . But he didn’t have access to the body, only Gabe, JT, Vincent, Tori and Catherine were there when the deed was done. Someone got rid of the body, likely Gabe.

  2. You say it is a posibility that Beauty and the Beast might be cancelled after S2.
    I say it is a terrible event if that happens. BatB is the best show with the best cast and crew. We want S3.

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