In Edge of Tomorrow Tom Cruise’s character of Cage has an important relationship with Emily Blunt’s Rita, and he tells about it above.

Edge of Tomorrow - Tom Cruise
Edge of Tomorrow – Cage (Tom Cruise) ©2014 Warner Bros

Cage’s unusual situation stems from his first—and seemingly last—battle with an alien. He quickly loses, and should lose his life, but has the unique ability to “reset” the day, waking once again in the exact location, at the exact moment, he did that morning.

Justifiably, utterly confused, Cage can’t understand why no one else seems to be aware of the horrific events that already happened. Rather, they are prepping for the very fight they unknowingly have already lost.

Edge of Tomorrow - Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise
Edge of Tomorrow – Rita (Emily Blunt) and Cage (Tom Cruise) ©2014 Warner Bros

Emily Blunt stars as the soldier who makes it possible for Cage to maintain that forward momentum: Sgt Rita Vrataski, the resistance’s greatest warrior.

Cruise says he was intrigued by these wholly unforeseen, highly undesirable circumstances and the way his character reacts to them. “The structure of the story and the way the time loop works allow the audience to come in, understand the rules, and then go right along with Cage on a constant accelerative progression.

Even though he is living the same day over and over, it never feels the same because his behavior always changes; he always moves the action forward.”

Edge of Tomorrow – Theatrical Release dates

UK: May 30, 2014
Australia and New Zealand: June 5, 2014
US and Canada: June 6, 2014

Colin Davies

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