Doctor Who, Nu Season 8 - Peter Capaldi
Doctor Who, Nu Season 8 - The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) ©2014 BBC Wordlwide

For a change the Express have combined their ‘compulsory’ medical front page story with a story about Doctor Who and the new actor Peter Capaldi!

The tomorrow’a Sunday Express bottom front page has the newly released picture with the headline “New Dr Who based on Bowie”, with the actual story on page 3.

They are saying that his Doctor is based on pop star David Bowie, his look and persona. Below we have an extract. Check out the link if you like to read it all.

Doctor Who – Sunday Express extract

His sleek costume was praised when it was previewed in January but the decision to include a buttoned-up white shirt was inspired by Bowie, according to insiders.

The singer sported a similar look as the Thin White Duke, his persona on the Station To Station album cover and in the film The Man Who Fell To Earth.

The source said Capaldi had decided Bowie was the ideal template for his Doctor: “He explained he drew inspiration for his Doctor Who look from his ‘scrapbook of ideas’. He thought Bowie was the perfect look.”

It was no secret that Peter was a Ziggy Stardust fan, and the actor revealed last year he attended three out of four Bowie concerts as a young fan in Glasgow, missing the last one only because he couldn’t afford it.

Colin Davies

The editor of Film Review Online