Now with Snowpiercer (2013) released in the States we looked back to when the film was first being publicised and found this Special Animated Prequel.

It is interesting on several fronts. First it is a great Prequel to the film itself. Second the 3D Graphic novel effects with the voice over are great.

Thirdly doesn’t half remind us of the Doctor Who 50th Annivesary Special Prequel trailer. This Snowpiercer trailer was released in July 2013 and the Doctor Who trailer in October 2013…

Now, of course having the link, it is even more notable the Snowpiercer plot could have been a plot in Doctor Who. On the train it is a little self contained world and also the entire premise is a little dodgy… but of course it is one of those stories which is a bit of a contrivance and meant to be just viewed with the ideas of society that the story takes us through.

Colin Davies

The editor of Film Review Online