Just released the Doctor Who Series 8 2014 full length trailer. It’s the first series to star Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Nice and complex, dark in tone.

In the UK this was aired during the World Cup Final half-time on BBC 1.

We starts of with the explosions in the Tardis, Shot of Clare (Jenna Coleman), Dalek eye stick, nice shot of the Tardis control room through the Police box doors, Clara wondering around with voice over saying “I don’t think I know how the Doctor is any more”.

Then there is a hand holding a Sonic screwdriver with the end glowing green. Now we get our first shot of the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) holding on to the rails with the Tardis console exploding. Dalek voice over “life prevails”.

Exterior of Tardis flying through space. Close up of the Doctor with him saying “I am the Doctor, I have lived for over 2000 years. I have made many mistakes. It is about time I did something about that”.

Clare says “Where are we going”. Doctor replies “Into Darkness”. Next, in a new shot not in the Tardis, the Doctor’s friend Vastra (a female Silurian played by Neve McIntosh) “Here we go again”. (reminiscent of a line at the Jon Pertwee / Tom Baker regeneration spoken by the Brigadier [played by Nicholas Courtney]).

Various shots flash up of the upcoming season. These includes some new monsters, explosions, a dinosaur walking with London’s houses of Parliament in the background. Also the Doctor on horse back racing and a group of Daleks.

The Doctor asks,”Clare tell me, am I a good man?” Clare thinks and says “I don’t know”. Theme music rises up and the announcer says Doctor Who, Saturday 23rd August, on BBC One. (Obviously this is the UK version).

Of note is the Daleks are the worker Daleks not the ‘middle aged’ one’s introduced in the Churhill Story. Also the CGI dinosaur looks good and obviously will remind fans of the Jon Pertwee story “Invasion of the Dinosaurs (where they looked less good an effect!).

The strap line that going with the trailer is:- “New Doctor, New Monsters and Old Enemies…The new series of Doctor Who begins Saturday, 23 August”.


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Colin Davies

The editor of Film Review Online