This is the trailer for Peter Capaldi’s first story Doctor Who 801, “Deep Breath”. It was released by the BBC on their Twitter account.

It is not yet on the BBC standard Youtube account or on the office BBC Doctor Who section of there website. This has lead The Daily Telegraph to label it a secret release!

The new Doctor lands in Victorian London and first we see a dinosaur wandering the streets before we see Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in a nightgown. He just regenerated so has to sleep a lot to get over the excitement!

Included in the trailer you can hear is what is now becoming a running joke “You’ve Redecorated”. Originally the 2nd doctor (Patrick Troughton) says “You’ve Redecorated… I don’t like it” in The Three Doctors to the 3rd Doctor (Jon Pertwee).

Then the 11th (Matt Smith) said it at the start of Closing Time to Craig about his house. The 10th (David Tenant) says it again about the Tardis interior in the 50th Anniversay Special to the 10th Doctor. Now we have Clara in this episode comment on the 13th Doctor’s (Peter Capaldi) Tardis interior.

Note: Yes we know Peter’s Doctor follows Matt’s Doctor but this appears to be how the production team would like us to number the Doctors. You have to be a real fan to fully understand. 🙂