Doctor Who (2000s), 802 - Daleks
Doctor Who (2000s), 802 "Into the Dalek" - Daleks in battle ©2014 BBC Wordlwide

At Peter Capaldi request Daleks feature in one of his first stories. Doctor Who 802 “Into the Dalek” general opinion has it as much better than his first.

Sunday Telegraph (UK) Doctor Who 802 “Into the Dalek” review by Terry Ramsey

[quote_box_center]For Who fans, the fact that the Dalek was benign and not trying to destroy everything in sight might have been a disappointment. But there was no need to be dismayed for long, because an army of genuinely evil Daleks arrived to reclaim their mixed-up mate…

It may be hard to believe in a good Dalek, but after Saturday night it is easy to believe this will be a good Doctor.[/quote_box_center]

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The Guardian (UK) Doctor Who 802 “Into the Dalek” review by Dan Martin

[quote_box_center]The claustrophobic tension of the journey into Rusty’s bowels is juxtaposed with some proper epic space battles and explosions, to make it feel (in a good way) much longer than its 45 minutes…

Of course the trouble with the Daleks is they’re loud and dramatic and always turn up for the great big showstoppers. But “scary” has never been actually their strong suit. Of course, the person you’re supposed to be scared of by the denouement is this new “dark Doctor”.[/quote_box_center]

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Forbes Doctor Who 802 “Into the Dalek” review by Neil Midgley

[quote_box_center]There followed a proper, rollicking Doctor Who story, with lots of bangs and crashes and explosions and lasers (and other schoolboy-friendly fantasy-tech – not least the nano thingy that miniaturised the Doctor and his chums so they could go inside the Dalek and find out what made it tick)…

The modern Doctor is surely never motivated by anything other than the best intentions… Which means that his navel-gazing question to Clara, ‘Am I a good man?’, just can’t be anything other than pretentious and annoying. So let’s move on.[/quote_box_center]

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Entertainment Weekly Doctor Who 802 “Into the Dalek” review by Jeroen Amin

[quote_box_center]It portrays the entrance into the Dalek’s body as a 2001: A Space Odyssey method as it shows the Doctor and Clara floatingly enter through a blue wall into a black void. It is a shot straight out of the psychedelic and experimental, and easily one of the most memorable moments of an episode that seems to be making any excuse to show off the size of its budget…

In a line that closely mirrors one from (Christopher Eccleston’s “Dalek,” [story] the Dalek tells the Doctor that he “is a good Dalek” and then leaves to hunt down other Daleks.[/quote_box_center]

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