Doctor Who (2000s), 803 - Tom Riley and Peter Capaldi
Doctor Who (2000s), 803 "Robot of Sherwood" - Robin (Tom Riley) and The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) ©2014 BBC Wordlwide

The light hearted romp of Mark Gatiss’s Doctor Who 803 “Robot of Sherwood” has divided peoples opinion of this episode.

Doctor Who (2000s), 803 - Patrick Troughton
Doctor Who (2000s), 803 “Robot of Sherwood” – Spaceship database, Robin Hood (Patrick Troughton) from 1953 ©2014 BBC Wordlwide

Basically it was a fun episode that made no logical or scientific sense.

If you could turn your logic part of your brain off you enjoyed it otherwise you hated it as you can see in the extracts of the reviews below.

Whether you liked it or not there were nice touches along the way, including a photograph of Patrick Troughton (Doctor number 2) in a earlier role as Robin Hood!

Sunday Telegraph (UK) Doctor Who 803 “Robot of Sherwood” review by Michael Hogan

[quote_box_center]After two dark stories to start Peter Capaldi’s Tardis tenure, this was a deliriously daft, Blackadder-esque romp with a fizzing script by Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss…

The climactic swordfight hit the headlines this week after the BBC decided to edit out a beheading in light of recent tragedies. Despite an outcry from over-protective fans, this was the correct call. Although the scene slightly jolted, the tweak didn’t detract.[/quote_box_center]

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Full Review

The Guardian (UK) Doctor Who 803 “Robot of Sherwood” review by Dan Martin

[quote_box_center]Things got incredibly meta in ‘Robot of Sherwood’, which was the fun, knockabout episode three in a series that’s going all out to sell itself on darkness…

…the Doctor himself becomes something of a bit player. His main role this week seemed to be bickering with Robin about who is real..

But there was plenty to love about ‘Robot of Sherwood’ too, even beyond that wonderful punning headline. It was brimming with the Mark Gatiss-ey “Gatissness” we have come to expect – English mythology with just a whiff of subversion.[/quote_box_center]

Rating: (4 out of 5 stars, from our reading of the review) Full Review

The Independent (UK) Doctor Who 803 “Robot of Sherwood” review by Neela Debnath

[quote_box_center]And it was all going so well… what happened? After last week’s Dalek triumph, tonight paled in comparison. ‘Robot of Sherwood’ came as something of a disappointment…

If only the Doctor and Clara had ended up in a miniscope like ‘Carnival of Monsters’ from the Jon Pertwee era, it would have made things far more interesting.

Every series has its blips and ‘Robot of Sherwood’ appears to be this year’s one.[/quote_box_center]

Rating: 1 out of 5, from our reading of the review Full Review

Entertainment Weekly Doctor Who 803 “Robot of Sherwood” review by Jeroen Amin

[quote_box_center]And now we have come to these episodes… the ones the famous Doctor Who is infamous for… the haphazardly written episodes centering around some sort of gimmick but carrying the same charm that keep viewers enthralled…

…The ship struggles in the sky, but the Doctor gets the idea to shoot the golden arrow Robin won earlier at the ship to give it enough power to leave the atmosphere…

As the TARDIS takes off, the Doctor leaves a gift for his temporary rival. It turns out that Labor Woman was Marian all along! She and Robin are happily reunited in the end—a perfect, artificial ending for a contrived episode.[/quote_box_center]

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars from our reading of the review Full Review

Forbes Doctor Who 803 “Robot of Sherwood” review by Ewan Spence

[quote_box_center]Clara wants to see Robin Hood. He’s just a story, scoffs The Doctor. He takes Clara to Sherwood Forest anyway, and surprise surprise, the first person they see is Robin Hood. Stand by for every Robin Hood cliche going…

Sharp-eyed viewers will have spotted Patrick Troughton (who played the Second Doctor) in the episode, showing up in a production still from his time as Robin Hood for the BBC in 1953….

It’s a huge contrast to last week’s Dalek episode, and from what we know of next week’s behind the sofa moment, it’s the light sorbet episode before things get really dark for Capaldi’s Doctor.[/quote_box_center]

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars from our reading of the review Full Review

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