Doctor Who, 809 - Peter Capaldi
Doctor Who, 809 "Flatline" - The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) ©2014 BBC Worldwide

In this amusing clip from Doctor Who 809Flatline” we have the Tardis exterior rather smaller than we are use to, about one foot high!

Only problem is the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is inside and can’t get out of the small opening! At last a clip that makes the program look interesting! Thankfully Clara is already outside so we get the Doctor’s hand passing things out of the small opening of the doors.

So with the Doctor trapped, Clara takes charge and ownership of the sonic! Clare says “Does this mean I’m you now?” But the Doctor firmly comes back with, “No, it does not. So don’t get any ideas!”

We just loved the idea so we just had to highlight this one minute clip.

UPDATE: Additional Clip just released – “If they touch you, you’re finished!”